thread: Is there a need to delay the introduction of nuts?

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    Is there a need to delay the introduction of nuts?

    DD is 1 in 2 weeks (omg!)

    shes been going great with solids, will eat anything u give her pretty much. Shes had both parts of the egg, no problem. Thing is.. my half brother (from my dads side) is allergic (quite severly) to nuts. Is it worth me delaying the introduction of nuts to Mia, or will that make the risk higher later on?? Because we are a little way (35ish minutes) from shepparton hospital, i was thinking if i was to give her any, to make sure we are in shep at the time JIC. Me being me, i want to sit outside emergency and give her a peanut butter sandwich (tho im known to be way over protective lol).

    so what do you all think???

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    I wouldnt give her (or any baby that young) nuts. She doesn't need it and they are known to be highly allergenic. Babies need simple food that is low allergenic - so it is advised that nuts are not given. They are also a choking hazard if you plan on something more than peanut butter. Peanuts are one of the highest risks for allergic reactions in susceptible people.

    Nut allergies usually manifest immediately - however other allergies can take time to happen. So because a baby tolerates for example gluten early on does not mean that they won't develop an intolerance later. This is why the caution. HTH

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    oh sorry if my post was mis understood. Im not going to give her nuts tomorrow IYKWIM.

    But to put it more clearly, as there is a nut allergy in the family (the only one i know off), do i delay in giving her nuts? im talking like, do i wait till the age of 7 or something or will that do more harm than good? What is the "reccomended" age to give your child nuts when there is an allergy in the family?

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    Holl - have u tried Mia on eggs???? sorry a bit off topic here but when did u do that? i can't wait until i can give B a hard boiled egg!

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    Mine had smooth peanut butter before one, but there is no history of allergy here. Nuts themselves I haven't given til 5 because as far as I know they can't digest them.
    Maybe you could go to your gp & ask for allergy testing. It'd be better to know now than have her eat something at school or somewhere & have something happen.
    Plus alot of foods contain traces of nuts & its easier to know to look for that sort of stuff as she starts eating different types of foods

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    My paed believes that you should not delay too long... like give avriety of things before they are, say 18 months. so he says to give nut spread (you dont have to do peanut buter you could try a diff nut butter) on a sandwich (smal amt first) even when they are quite small (once other things are introduced). Whole nuts obv not for ages due to choking risk.
    I think i gave DS1 peanut butter around 15 months - we donthave nut allergies though.
    maybe spk to your gp about your specific situation.

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    HJ - she was about 9 months. Had some egg in her fried rice.

    Thanks girls, i think its something worse asking the doc about. Lots of great advice there tho, thankyou

    do you think having a half brother counts as being "in"the family? My mum has 6 kids and my dad has 5 and he is the only one...... so mayb its from his mums side?? not that it matters, prob just best to ask my doc anyway yeah? I would ask my MCHN, but i know what shes going to say.. go home and make her a peanut butter sandwich and see what happens.. lol

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    MM, the guidelines have now been changed to say that highly allergenic foods, including nuts, shouldn't be delayed much past 6 months. The reasoning is that the longer it is before the food is given, the more likely they will get a lesser exposure from somewhere else (such as being in contact with someone who's eaten nuts), and these lesser exposures can increase the risk of sensitivity developing. There are however two caveats to this:

    1. Whole nuts are still a choking risk and shouldn't be given
    2. Where there is family history of allergy

    In your case, obviously this is an issue. The best plan is to discuss this with a HP to decide what the right decision is for you. Personally I would stick to an HP who specialises in allergies, as most GPs do not. GL.

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    For those with allergies, it is not recommended to give them until at least 3. I have a DD with nut allergy, so I have been told this for DS.