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    May 2009

    Talking great new recipe!


    dd just started eating more frequently and i have found a soup she really loves! i make a big batch for both of us and just freeze the extra for the week ahead! it's scrumptious!

    leak and potato soup

    you need:
    chicken stock [i use better than boullion]
    fat leek stalks, washed and chopped [i use the whole leek, the top greens are fortified with beta-carotene, and the rest has potassium, some folic acid, and vitamin C.]
    four yukon gold potatoes [or your fav spud!], rough chopped [i leave the skin on these guys too. good fiber!]
    salt and pepper [i add that with my bowl of soup, not the whole batch]

    boil potatoes. sautee chopped leeks till white parts are crystallized and top stalks are soft. pour chicken broth into saute pan and let simmer so juices mix with leeky goodness. once spuds are softened, add to saute and let simmer for ten minutes.

    pour into blender, cream it, and serve! you can also garnish with a dallop of yoghourt or top with sharp cheddar cheese shreds o_o

    lemme know what you think
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