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    Hi All,
    My kids have coeliac disease and so I'm always looking out for Gluten Free goodies that they can eat.

    Lucky for me they aren't allergic to nuts so I stock their lunch boxes up with peanuts and other nuts to get them some good protein and they also love carrots.

    My son is in love with a loaf called Chia Seed & Raisin which is made by Lifestyle Bakery and even I like to eat it and im not coeliac. That company has a really big range of products that are gluten free. Their pizza bases are a quick meal idea too.

    Orgran makes some great products and the kids enjoy the chocolate cookies and pasta.
    We also really like Aussiemite which is a Gluten Free alternative to Vegemite. Not exactly the same but not too bad.

    Does anyone else have any favourite gluten free brands? Lets share

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