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    Corns and Peas

    Little Miss Picky doesnt feel like eating anything for a few days now except cows milk and corn and peas.

    Is there such thing as an overdose of corns and peas?

    PS she is 20mths. She also eats meat (loves it) but only meat which she can hold and eat herself.


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    I wouldn't think you could overdose from corn and peas....

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    Jul 2005

    There's no real problem with corn and peas, but they are two of the sweetest vegies, so perhaps she's sticking to them for that reason.

    If you are trying to expand her range, offer other vegies at the same time as her favourites. No pressure, it can take up to 20 introductions of a food before a toddler will try it. Don't give up, toddlers haven't fully developed their taste buds yet, so there's not really 'like' and 'dislike' just 'familiar' and 'unfamiliar' tastes.

    I would offer less cows milk. Filling up on milk will inhibit her appetite for other foods. She only needs a small cup of milk, a small piece of cheese and a small tub of yoghurt to more than meet her daily calcium requirements, and that's not taking into account what she'd get from other sources, such as green, leafy vegies, fish, etc (which are better sources of calcium anyway).