thread: Solids at 4 months??

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    Solids at 4 months??

    OK, so I've just had a visit to my GP, me not DD2, and we were talking about how she was doing (as you do LOL). And my GP mentioned that the recommendation on when to start solids is/has changed back to 4 months from 6 months. I had heard something about this I thought too, it is supposedly to reduce the risk of allergies.

    Anyway, I am not keen for to start her yet for a few reasons. She has only just started to deliberately put stuff in her mouth, she can't yet sit unsupported, we have no family history of any allergies to food (although I am allergic to many other things like cats, grass, dust mites etc etc), and it's a total PITA making special baby mush cause she can't yet feed herself - I am keen on the idea of BLS - and we are also going away on hols after Xmas and doing solids on a holiday is not my idea of fun either Not to mention she is thriving on BM

    So why would I want to start her on solids yet? It was only 5 years ago that I started DD1 on them at 6 months and really what has changed? Not babies digestive systems I'm sure. And BTW DD1 has no allergies yet that I am aware of either.

    I'd be really interested to hear others opinions on this

    ETA: The MCHN that I saw last when DD2 was 2 weeks said solids at 6 months.

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    No it still hasnt changed.
    it is a piece of miss information that has been floating around for a couple of years nowobviously now its getting to the doctors not just MCHNs....

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    I wouldn't start at 4 months. Both my girls were started at 5,5 mnths. I took DD2 to the allergist when she was 4 mnths as she has eczema and he said that when I do start feeding solids I shouldn't wait to introduce certain foods like egg but nothing about starting early.

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    Your doctor is misinformed. There has been no change to the guidelines regarding infant feeding. The current recommendations are that solids should be commenced at around 6 mnths

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    Keep an eye on the WHO guidelines. They haven't changed, so who knows which 'guidelines' the doctor is talking about!

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    I did hear that 'they' have decided that the late introduction of allergy trigger foods is not preventing any allergies (as was the presumption it would) so we now no longer need to hold off introducing any foods except honey (because that is bacterial not an allergen) but that it should still all commence from 6 months.

    I wonder where your GP picked that up from?

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    I think all the baby food companies are trying to encourage people to start earlier so they can sell more food and have put this whole 'rumor' out there. It makes sense, because people are starting at 6 months with BLS or introducing finger foods sooner so they're not selling as much (at least that's my theory anyway). Everything I've read and been told has been to wait till around six months.

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    Thanks ladies, obviously I thought as much We'll be waiting I think, who knows where this came from but I must admit I had heard something about it too. Maybe it was on the news recently or something I think - not that I would do what they said LOL

    Miss E I agree with you re the baby food companies too - and a lot of their food is labelled from 4 months too But I wouldn't be using it anyway, I tried it with DD1 and some of it was disgusting, she wouldn't touch it either LOL

    Thanks everyone

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    My MCHN told me 4-6 months as well. She said it's changed back recently as the trial of starting at 6 months actually saw a lot of infants experiencing issues by starting solids later. I didn't bother to question her or the 'issues' as I trust her and her judgement and I'm not fussed at all about starting my DD on solids at 4 mths if I think she's ready. It is only a guide anyway and if DD doesn't seem ready then I'll wait. Some babies are ready for solids earlier too. Both my nephews started at 4 months and they were more than ready! If you'd prefer to wait til 6 months then do that. You know what's best for your DD
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    Here is a link to a post I made a while back on the exact same issue - being told that guidelines changing back to 4 months


    My conclusion was to wait until 6 months and from then on let DD try anything apart from honey (so not to delay introducing dairy etc). Have now been doing BLS for a couple of weeks and she is not showing much interest so despite me believing showing signs earlier - wasn't as ready as I thought.

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    i staretd me son on soilds at 4.5 months & nowe my daughter at 4 months.
    Every child is different & parents should decide on when their child is ready,

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    The guidelines definitely haven't changed as has been said by the PPs.

    There are a lot of things to consider when making the decision when to start, and with so much conflicting information around it is really hard to know what to do. In the end, what it came down to for me, was that the risks of starting too early far outweigh the risks of starting later. With my boys DS1 was definitely not ready before 6 months, in fact I don't think he was ready until about 9 months and I wish I hadn't tried so hard to get him to eat earlier. DS2 was more than likely ready before 6 months, but starting at 6 months with BLS worked really well for him and he has been a fantastic eater ever since (he even asked to have peas and carrots for dinner the other night!!). If only DS1 was as good!!