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    Oct 2007


    When can you start giving Sultanas to toddlers? I have a 13month old and I wasn't sure.


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    Dec 2008

    I remember there being an age for sultanas becuas they can be a choking hazard but don't remember what age it is. I'm quite sure that 13 mths is a bit yuong though.

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    Jul 2009
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    DD has been having sultanas for months now, i can't remember how old she was when we started giving them to her, i know the reason they say not to is because of the choking hazard as Tinks said but the MCHN said it was fine and she has never once choked.

    DD actually sits down with half a pack now and has them as a snack while she watches a DVD... it's so cute.. she loves them.

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    Dec 2007
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    Gawd I can't remember with DS - probably about a year though?

    DD had them from 6 months I think, we didn't NOT give her anything cos we did BLS, so if DS was having them as a snack - so was she!

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    Oct 2008
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    ive been giving grace them to grace for about a month now(bout 8 months) she absolutly loves them i only really give her the really soft ones, it started as once i gave her some of my raisin toast she would pick the saltanas out of it lol

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    Apr 2008

    I havent given DD any yet but I have seen other mums at mums group give there babies saltanas from about 8months

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    Mar 2009

    DD has them and has for a while now (9months).

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    Oct 2007

    Thanks for all the replies! I did read about the chocking hazard but wasn't sure what age that applied to. I might try a few soft ones and see how she goes. She has no issue with peas and corn which are roughly the same size.

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    Oct 2007
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    DD has had them from about 8 months old. I was really eagle-eyed the first few times she ate them - really watching to see how she swallowed. I also squished them down flat for the first month or so of giving them to her - that would soften them a bit as well as make them a little easier to swallow.

    She's 12 months now and goes through a box of them most days now! They're her favourite