thread: Steaming in Plastic Microwave containers?

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    Steaming in Plastic Microwave containers?


    With DS2 I religiously used my microwave steamer for his food, it is made from plastic. Since then, my SIL says that she refuses to use plastic in the microwave (obviously micro safe stuff) and only uses ceramics (or other non-plastic micro safe cookware).

    Should I be not use it for DD once she starts eating? Or is this just another urban myth that the plastic containers are bad. It was just so brilliant and I don't think I cracked open more than 2 jars of baby food with him at all (he also is far more accepting of foods than his brother who is so picky and I'm embarrassed to say pretty much lived off tinned food for his first few months of solids - with the exception of my seriously fantastic chicken pie filling)


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    Yep we've ditched the plastic microwave stuff years ago - we have a few pyrex casserole type dishes in various sizes and use those instead. Alternatively you could try one of those steamer saucepans (with the layers) and cook several things at once.

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    Yep pretty much what MaryDean said. If we need to use the microwave we try to use microwave safe ceramic or pyrex, or transfer to a microwave safe bowl/plate.
    They have those pyrex glass dishes with lids now, they are pretty cool.

    Otherwise a steamer is a good idea, and then freeze any leftover in ice cube trays to pop out a defrost for a quick meal later?

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    I never use plastic... not worth the chance.

    Sometimes I just use a bowl with a small plate on top if it's only a small amount, otherwise a small cassarole dish and lid.


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    Oh, I'm so out of touch! Is there a specific reason why? I'm not sure, I've heard theres "dangers" but not what or why?

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    Now days some would even recommend ditching the microwave altogether. I think (someone correct me if I am wrong) that plastic releases nasty chemicals into the food once heated.