thread: Baby Led Solids... When? How? What?

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    Sep 2008

    Baby Led Solids... When? How? What?

    With the realisation that DD is 5 months tomorrow I figured I really need to get informed about introducing solids in the near future. I've heard a little about Baby Led Solids and think that it sounds like a good idea and makes sense, although a few have frowned upon me when I've mentioned this.

    I don't plan on starting before 6 months. But how will I know that she infact ready to start? Do I just try her?

    What did you start your child on? Particually interested in this if you did BLS.

    DD was born at 36+6 and although was on the cusp of being a Full Term baby she didn't respond as one and hence was treated as a premmie baby needing 9 days in SCN. On top of this everyone thinks my dates were actually wrong and she could have been a bit earlier than that. So do I need to take this into account when introducing solids? As in the time factor - like wait until 7 months?

    Sorry for my ramble but I guess I'm just a bit anxious about doing it the right way and want to make informed decisions. Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Ellee... there's a lot of different information out there, so my first piece of advice to you is to do what you think is right for your child - follow her lead.
    I don't think age really matters within reason (i.e. if your kid's 10 mo and isn't eating solids, then I would personally be a bit worried!) my first DD wasn't really interested in solids until she was 7-8 months. DD2 started REALLY enjoying it a couple of weeks ago (6.5 months). I gave Phoebe a bit of a nibble of my veges just before she turned 6 months, but she wasn't particularly interested so it was just an every-now-and-again thing until I realised she was getting into it.
    Have a read of the BLS general chatter and see what others are doing. Check out the ABA's literature on introducing solids (check the website). Then make your decision based on your own child and what you believe her needs are - IMO kids' needs differ and Mum is the best judge of that.
    I think the idea of BLS (from what I've gleaned - not sure that we're really doing it in this house or not!) is to have bubs at the table with the family learning to eat like the rest of the family. So give bubs samples of food from your plate, share meals together. That's part of the philosophy I think.

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    I agree with Amy's great answer.

    There is no "right" way to do it exactly - it's really just a matter of following your little one's lead. Generally with a premmie you would go on the adjusted age, although my DS was born at 36+4 and didn't need SCN so I went on his birth age. But the thing is not so much to introduce the solids on the first day they are 6 months. It is more to see if they seem ready around then, and see what happens if you offer some food from your plate (steamed vegies are a good thing to try first, but it could be something else). If you are in doubt about her readiness then delaying is always better than starting too early.

    One other thing to consider is that meat is a very important early food as it is a really good source of both iron and zinc which are essential for brain development. So this would ideally be introduced quite early on in the process. You can give her boiled steak to suck/chew on, safe bones to suck or scrape some meat off and this can then be served with something else.

    The ABA Introducing Solids booklets is really helpful source of information - probably the best book I've seen on the topic and it's only $5 from Mothers Direct.

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    Thanks Ladies. I can't see DD being ready at 6 months as she's not showing much interest in our food. But when she shows signs I'll just start to offer then. I'm thinking we will avoid anything egg, dairy or wheat based for some time as DH was dairy intolerant when was a baby/child and I have intolerance to wheat.

    I think I was just getting a bit anxious because a girl I worked with has been pestering me and bragging how her son is on solids at 5months. I think she thinks he is advanced because of this. I'm not normally aggitated by these people, but she just got to me. DD will do it when she is ready be it 6 months or 8 months Thanks again. I'll look into the ABA book.

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    Ellee, your DD will let you know when she is ready. We are doing BLS here. I offered DS some steamed vegies at 6 months. He really just played with it, put it in his mouth, spat it out and squished it around a bit. He did this for a couple of days and then lost all interest - didn't even want to play with it, so I left it for a few days and didn't offer anything. I just figured he wasn't ready. By 7 months he was sitting with me for 3 meals per day, sometimes eating, sometimes not. I just let him lead. These days at almost 9 months, he eats everything in sight!
    I found it easiest to start with vegies, and then we moved on to meat pretty quickly. Steak, chicken, mince.

    As has been suggested already, I found the ABA booklet on introducing solids really helpful in the early days.

    It's hard sometimes to listen to people go on and on and compare babies and what stages they are at. Her baby is on solids at 5 months, because she chose to offer it to him. Doesn't necessarily mean that he was ready for it, or that he's 'advanced'. I wish people could see that it's not a race or competition!!

    Pop over to the Baby Led Solids chatter thread. There a few people in there just starting out and some lovely members with great advice and experience.