thread: how to introduce cows milk?

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    how to introduce cows milk?

    hi there, if i have posted in the wrong section - sorry!!

    I was just wondering how i can introduce cows milk into my little mans diet. He was b/f for approx 10 months, then on formula, he has been on cows milk in the past for a short time but became quite sick (bronchiolitis and i thought the chestyness, excess flem etc would decrease if i took him off the cows milk) so to cut a long story short he has been on formula ever since, he is now 18 months.

    Do i dilute the cows milk with water?
    try little bits at a time?
    Not really sure how to go about this - so your tips and how you approached this with your child would be appreciated.

    He has a bottle for a day sleep and at bed time, and water throughout the day and with meals.

    Thank you.

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    I've just started using cows milk in DS's meals. I use it for his morning porridge, and add it in his vegies for lunch and dinner too. DS was probably 6 1/2 months when I first gave it to him.

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    I thought that children needed to be at least 12 months before introducing cows milk?

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    I think its safe to use in cooking after 6 months but not to give it as their main milk in a bottle - Breast Milk preferably or formula is recommended until 12 months, I think its because of the iron content

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    Children need to be 12 months before cows milk is used as the main drink but small amounts on cereal and in foods is fine.
    I started giving my girls milk from six months on their cereal. When I started it in dd1's bottles I did half formula half milk when she turned 12 months but then I found out that they don't need bottles after twelve months and only need three serves of dairy per day so at 13 months we stopped the bottles and she had small drinks of milk out of a sippy cup and the rest of her dairy from cheese and yoghurt. So at his age I'd just give him small amounts of milk in a sippy cup. If it doesn't agree with him then just increase other calcium rich foods in his diet. Hope that helps!