thread: What time of day to start solids?

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    Sep 2008

    What time of day to start solids?

    just wondering, when you start to give your babies food, do you do it at breakfast, lunch or dinner time?
    How many meals a day?
    how much?
    before or after a breastfeed?
    how long before or after a breastfeed?

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    Dec 2005

    ok, really rakking my brain with this one! From memory, it was after a breastfeed (like 30 min or something) and it was in the morning. Reason I chose morning was to see if there were any allergies to the food I was offering. I'd offer it for 3-5 days before trying something else. How much? As much as bub wanted. In the beginning, it would only be 2-3 teaspoons.

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    Apr 2009
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    I don't think it matters too much morning or night, although if you make it the morning there's less chance of upsets overnight if something doesn't agree with your LO.
    We started at night with DD2 but I'm pretty sure we started one or two of the others in the morning.

    20-30 min after a milk feed should be enough for them to be interested, although again I don't think it matters hugely - a long as it's not too close before a BF, milk is still the most important thing KWIM?

    We started at one meal a day and one month on we are having two most days (breakfast & dinner).

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    Oct 2006

    Re: What time of day to start solids?

    When we started, I gave DS rice cereal around mid-morning and about half hour after a breastfeed. I did it in the morning in case of any allergic reaction, it was a reasonable time of day to get medical help. Also because if it made him cranky, I could deal with it better during the day than being up all night.

    I tried one new food every 3-4 days, starting with the rice cereal, then veggies, then fruit, then started to mix and match them.