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    Oct 2008

    Farex Question

    DS had started solids & we're using Farex to start off with in the mornings.
    I'm just wondering when I can expect him to actually eat the rice cereal? He just spits out the entire amount, which I know is normal when starting out but when *should* that stop?
    How do I know if he just doesn't like the stuff?

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    Nov 2008

    Hi CM-
    I recently read it can take 10 to 12 tastes of a food for a child to show interest.
    Good luck! We are at that stage too.

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    I'm naughty but I add a tiny bit of pureed fruit with farex so it tastes a bit better for them. I tasted that stuff and it is absolutely disguisting so why would my little one like it, kwim?? With the fruit mixed in DD and DS both absolutely love it. The Rafferty's garden multigrain one is much nicer than the plain farex too. Good luck.

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    Mar 2006
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    He'll start eating before your realise! I mixed mine with either EBM or pureed pear! It is new for his little senses as well....he has just had liquid till now!

    You can always start with pureed pumpkin or sweet potato reason you HAVE to start with a cereal!

    Have fun!!!!! before you know it you'll be cooking t-bone steaks everyday!


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    Feb 2008
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    Have you tried mixing something else into it? DD loves it with mashed pumpkin, and on its own farex is pretty bland and gross. If he won't eat it I wouldn't worry too much there are so many other mashed/pureed vegies and fruits you can give him instead.

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    I don't think many babies like farex! We used to give farax to babies when they were started on solids ridiculously early. It was all they coud take (if anything) Now we know that babies aren't ready for and don't need food until they are around 6 months. By this age they can sit up, chew and digest food more easily. So most mothers skip the farax thing altogether, and just offer their baby normal family foods. They don't even have to be mashed (certainly not pureed!) Just sticks of cooked carrot or broccoli, or fingers of toast or steak to chew on. That way they can control it themselves. Don't worry if your LO doesn't take in much at the start - it's the learning that's important.

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    Oct 2008

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions

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    Apr 2008

    Hi hun, DD was the same and I thought it meant she wasnt ready for solids but its apprently quite normal fo rthem to spit most of it back out, He is just getting used to a different texture in his mouth.

    I actually found the raffertys organic porridge in a yllow packet much better. DD still has it for brekky as she loves it. I also mixed a couple of teaspoons on puree pear in as well to make sure she didnt get constipated.