thread: Another question about Farex

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    Another question about Farex

    I'm just curious about how runny Rice Cereal is meant to be? I imagined it would be nice & runny, not much different than what DS is used to. But it seems like it doesn't matter how much breastmilk I add to it, it stays quite thick.
    So when DS spits it out he is spitting out globs of the stuff. Is this right?

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    Hi CheezelMonster,

    How much cereal are you putting in the mix compared to your liquid? I was never very good at expressing for cereal, so I just used cooled boiled water. Maybe try just a teaspoon of farex first, then add 2-3 teaspoons of breastmilk, that should give you a "slightly thicker than breastmilk" consistency, which is what I liked to use for baby the first few weeks of food introduction.

    I saw you're using farex, have you thought of using a Rafferty's Garden rice cereal? My 2 boys both had farex when little & always struggled to get the right consistency, now Rafferty's is around, i've bought it for DD and she is loving it. The consistency is beautiful, so smooth & if you taste it, it does just taste of rice, last time I tasted some farex it felt like I had a hair in my mouth lol! I had to spit it out!