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Thread: i find it so funny

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    Default i find it so funny

    Im a vegie ,my Fiance is not and not for one second would i think of trying to make him one
    i cook meat for him and have no prob with it i just dont want to eat it

    but ppl are always like'so are u trying to turn him into a vegetarian ' does he still get to eat meat blah

    like his mum the other day was all asking him if he is allowed meat omg

    it makes me laugh

    or the other one '' oh you dont eat meat'' '''so what do u eat''!!!!!!!

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    Ohhhh, mate, tell me about it!

    When DH and I went veg, his family were really accepting of it to his face, and then as soon as he went to the bathroom - SWOOP! - they pounced on me like a pair of hawks (MIL and SIL) with a bunch of "Do you know what you're doing?" etc. Hilarious, because he's the one that really pushed it! We'd been mostly veg at home before that, but it was our time to draw the line in the sand. He did that, and I copped it all. Not even my idea!

    The vegan bit, though, that was me

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    "But Liebling likes sausages, why are you making him a vegetarian?"

    I'm not. He likes sausages, is eating them... how is that vegetarian again? Yes, he eats veggie food as well as meaty stuff because I cannot be bothered to cook two meals. So we all eat the same. That isn't making him a vege, that's saving money. And my budget is MY business, not yours.

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    My in laws questioned me about our vegetarianism when I was pregnant. They brought up the subject by saying ' you are vegetarian but you are not one me those extreme militant ones are you?' to which I replied that we were vegetarian because of our beliefs. Look of concern passed between them. Then I explained why we didn't want to eat meat . I went through a lengthy explanation of the meat industry, health concerns and environmental issues. As soon as i finished they said 'but you'll let the baby
    eat meat won't you?' head brick wall! arghhh! I guess they just didn't get our reasons! durrr

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