thread: How much do you feed your 12mth old

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    Nov 2007

    How much do you feed your 12mth old

    I'd love to hear what you feed your 1 year old babies and the quantity and when do you feed them?

    My year old just does not show any interest in food and some days its a battle.

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    Feb 2009
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    Piglet has 3 meals a day with snacks in between although the past two weeks we have been sick so she hasn't been finishing the 3 main meals.
    Breakfast is generally muesli or porridge with maybe a piece of toast with tahini, lunch is maybe pasta or pasta(it feels like this is all she will eat at the moment!), dinner last night was risotto just for an example. For in between snacks she will have fruit (I offer fruit at the end of ever meal too) and/or rice cakes or tofu sticks. It really depends on what is in the fridge!
    We all eat the same thing at dinner unless it is something with lots of chilli or junk food.
    I find the past month or so DD has become fussy so I dont bother spoon feeding her really anymore, I put it in fron of her and let her feed herself or I feed it to her with my hands, yes it is messy but is alot less of a battle. Once I got over the whole thing of wanting her to be eating from a spoon neatly the whole process became less stressful. And I figure if she dosnt eat much at one meal she can have healthy snacks it surely isnt a big deal. Also we eat at the same time or I eat out of her bowl, of course she wants to try what Mummy is having! So that evokes interest too.