thread: solids and bottles

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    solids and bottles


    i have started my daughter on solids but am wondering am i meant to give her a bottle as well as some solid food?
    What are other peoples routine in regards to feeding solids and bottles.


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    I found it so hard at the beginning to figure out how to fit it all together! Lol.

    This is our average day now, she has 3 'meals' a day, not that she eats a whole lot.
    Bottle when she wakes up say at 7.30am, morning tea (yoghurt, fruit or the Rafferty's cereal) at about 9.30am/10am when we get back from taking the dog for a walk. Bottle when she wakes up from her morning nap between 11.30 and 12 then lunch (sandwich/cruskit or leftovers) about 1.30/2. If she wakes from her arvo nap before 4 then I'll give her another bottle, if not I'll give her a rusk stick or arrowroot biscuit to hold off her hunger until dinner at 5 (vegies), then a bottle before she goes to bed at about 6.30/7pm.

    She also wakes up once during the night usually so will give her a bottle then, if she wakes twice I've been trying not to feed her a second time!

    I hope that helps a bit, I really struggled for a few weeks when I first started solids trying to figure it all out!