thread: Teething rusk recipe

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    Teething rusk recipe

    would anyone have a recipe that they could share on how to make you own teething rusks suitable for a 6mths old?

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    i remember a recipe christy once posted will try and find it but you have to use fresh bread, cut off the crusts and roll flat with a rolling pin, roll up and sort of squeeze it so it doesnt open up, then you microwave it for i *think* 1 minute, then allow it to cool, as it cools it goes hard! as bubs chews it, it softens up again

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    If you have access to a dehydrating / drying machine, you can dry all sorts of fruit that make great teethers. banana, apples, pears...

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    thanks for your message in my other thread.. Here is the receipe I used, cant remember why I got it from.. it basically like a scone receipe : )

    2 cups plain w/meal flour
    2tbs cold butter
    1/2 cup water or milk

    rub butter and flour to make fine breadcrumbs. Mix in water to make sift dough. Kneed and roll into finger lenghts and bake at 180 for approx 40 mins turning half way.

    What I do mostly now is save the crusts from our bread, smear with a small amount of vegemite and cut into fingers. Then I bake them at 150 degrees until they are hard and store them in an airtight container (so easy, I did a big batch this morning actually). I got this receipe from one of the wonderful BB ladies and I cant remember who it was

    Noah loves the vegemite ones.. he gets very excited when I give them to him!!