thread: A little help please

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    A little help please

    Hi, i put up a post a little while ago but it never really got answered. so here i go again.

    My daughter is loving her solids (but only eats about a 3 tablespoons twice a day) and is getting a broad list of what she will eat now.
    What i am really confused about is do i offer her a bottle as well as a solid feed?

    At the moment this is her routine
    Bottle ( 7am
    weetbix with banana 11am
    bottle (150mls) 3pm
    vegies 7pm
    bottle 2am (she usually goes down for the night at 9pm and sleep through till then)
    bottle 6/7am
    and so the routine continues.

    is this ok?

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    Jan 2006

    How old is she?

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    opps sorry i guess that would help, wouldnt it.
    she is 6 1/2 months old.

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    Sounds like she is a good little eater! I was always advised to offer milk before solids until bubs was 8 or 9 months old. So I would give DS a milk feed and then about 45 minutes later offer him solids. Also I was under the impression that at this stage bubs should be having 4 or 5 bottles a day. A friend of mine was giving her LO only 3 bottles a day and found that she was gaining weight really slowly, her MCHN told her that she wasn't feeding her enough and that she needed more milk and that she should be getting at least 4 bottles a day...

    Mind you, if her weight gains etc are on track and you're getting wet nappies then everything is probably working perfectly for your LO.

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    That seems a bit less milk than I would expect a 6 month old to be having.
    If you offer half a bottle before the solids what happens??
    Or can you sneak another one in around 8.30pm?

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    It looks good. But i thought the minimum of milk intack should be 500ml per day. Perhaps trying 200ml each milk feed or adding one during the day. Have you try solids at 6 and then bottle at 9 just before bed? That might cut out 2am feed. I am not sure.

    I am trying to think what my son had at that age he started solids early because of reflux and so he had 3 meals a day.

    I think it was like this:

    7am: Bottle (210ml)
    8am: Breakfast (Rice cereal)
    11am: Bottle (210ml)
    12noon: Lunch (meat and vegies)
    3pm: Bottle (210ml)
    5:20pm: Dinner (vegies) something easy to digest
    6:30pm: Bottle (210ml)
    7pm: Bedtime
    10:30: Bottle (dreamfeed) at about 7 months he just wasnt interested in this milk feed anymore.

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    I think that sounds really good! DS usually has a fair amount of food, but still wants his milk! He's my lil piggy though (We've had to start DS on solids from bout 5 months) BUT! He's 6 months on the 21st, and I'm going to start him in a routine.

    He's usually up at 7am so it'll go from here.
    7am - Bottle (usually he has 200mL)
    8am - Breakfast - probably rice cereal or fruits (apples/banana/mango/pear)
    10am - Bottle (around 180-200mL)
    12pm - Lunch - Something light like rice pudding or some fruit again.
    1pm - Bottle (approx 100mL because of just finishing lunch)
    4pm - Bottle (around 200-220mL)
    6pm - Dinner - Veggies (pumpkin/broccoli/peas)
    Whenever he wants the last bottle, he can have it then it's time for bed - And seeing I'm going back to work in May, I'll have to make sure I post a list on the fridge for DH!