thread: Nappy rash and solid intro for 18 week old

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    Question Nappy rash and solid intro for 18 week old

    I have just introduced solids on Sunday 1 serve of raffertys baby rice cereal and 1 serve again on Monday same amount (1 tablespoon) mixed with cooled boiled water
    He now has a rash on his groin area pimply like and red
    Is it the cereal you think as I havent changed anything else

    I am not giving him a serve tonight

    Any advice would be hepful

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    My DS had a similar thing when he first started teething. I found use cornstarch powder to keep it dry worked a treat. I had a MCHN appt that week and showed it to her, she was pretty sure it was nappy rash from the teething (which it turned out to be) but she did say that if it got a lot worse it would probably be fungal and to get a special treatment from the chemist. I doubt it would be related to the rice cereal, but who knows...

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    Yep my DS got fantastic (bleeding) nappy rash from his teeth poor little guy. Started about that age too.

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    It may well be teething causing the nappy rash but 18 weeks is only 4.5 months old right?? I'm thinking that's too young for solids and maybe leave it until he is 6 months (in keeping with World Health Organisation guidelines) just in case it's contributing to the rash.