thread: Not that interested in food following vomiting bug

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    Not that interested in food following vomiting bug


    Looking for a little bit of advice and hope this is the correct place to post.

    My little one had a vomiting bug last week (Tuesday through to Sunday) so had taken little or no solidsfor the best part of a week. Each time he had vomited I had waited another 36 hours before I offered him solids again. He had continued to breast feed throughout (though did throw up after these also on a number of occasions) and had taken water and dioralyte to make sure he remained hydrated. He has definitely lost weight though I šan't say how much.

    He now appears to be over it (last time he was sick was Sunday) but is showing very little interest in solids. I am going back to basics and only offering little amounts. He is just gone 7 months old. To add to the issue we have just (yesterday) returned from month in Europe so his sleeping/feeding patterns are all up in the air.

    Is this something i should be concerned about or will he just gradually eat more? Do I need to be concerned about weight loss?


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    Glad to hear your little man is doing better now. My DS had his first gastro bug a few weeks a go now and like yours didn't really eat anything for the 5 days he was sick. It took him a good week to start eating solids normally again. I wouldn't worry too much at this stage, it might take him a week or two to get back to normal and being his age solids really aren't too important, as long as he getting lots of bm he'll be fine.

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    As long as he is getting fluids into him he should be OK. You will know if he is getting enough by the wetness of his nappies. Your breast milk has plenty of goodness in it to help him over the bug. Give him tiny amounts if he wants them but don't be too concerned if he is not that hungry.
    I know after I have had a tummy upset it can take a while to like food again.

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    My DD is the same, she had the gastro bug a week and a half ago and is not showing much interest is solids now. She will have a couple of spoonfuls of rice cereal but I'm struggling to get veggies into her in the evening, she keeps gagging on them and spitting out.

    I've gone back to basics with her solids and am hoping that she will gradually get back to normal on that side of things. She is still taking her bottle so I'm not too fussed about the solids as I know that she is still getting everything she needs from her formula feeds.

    Hope your little man starts getting his appetite back soon.