thread: How many foods

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    Aug 2009
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    How many foods

    my DD is 7 1/2mths old and has so far tried
    butternut pumpkin
    sweet potato
    strawberries (and i then realised this is a high risk food opps)

    and i think thats about it. What foods have your children (preferable those around the same aga as my DD) had? Any suggestion on what else i can give her


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    have you tried yoghurt? Either the natural yoghurt, or I give DD Jalna plain yoghurt. I started offering it to her at about the same age your bub is now. She loves it and you can mix fruit into it (either mash up fresh fruit, or the Rafferty's Garden pouches of fruit puree are great).
    maybe try giving her some strips of cooked steak or a chop bone to suck on, the iron is great for them at this age.

    other fruits you could try are peaches (can use tinned fruit), banana. Cous cous? I mixed it up with a bit of mashed vegies. It's a bit of a different texture for them.

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    Aug 2009
    in the victorian bush.

    I didnt think you could give them dairy until they were 12 months old. Would Valia vanilla yogurt be ok?

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    My DD is 6mths old and I give her the jalna brand baby yoghurt. Another good thing to do is buy natural yoghurt and put a rafferty's garden fruit pouch or stew your own and put that through the yoghurt to take off the tartness.
    Last night DD sucked on a lamb cutlet bone for a good 20mins and I also gave her fingers of meat to suck on.
    She has fingers of toast with butter and vegemite to suck on in morning.
    I have started her on the kids weetbix which she loves and I put full fat milk on the weetbix.
    Segments of mandarine (no pips) to suck on. DD swallowed one the other day after she had been sucking on it for a while.
    She has pureed chicken, tuna and rice. I use the rafferty's garden pouches as they have no preservatives or any additaves. Once I establish her likes and dislikes I move onto using my Robin Barker and Annabell Karmels cook books. They start of from 4-6mth and take you right up to toddler.
    DD has also had a green bean and finger of carrot, broccoli, cauliflour . You could give baked beans a go too as they tend to be a winner.
    By now you could really give her anything you eat..just no honey until after 12mths or is it older???
    Good luck.

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    Feb 2008
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    dairy is fine before 12 months, as long as you/your family have no history of allergies. My MCHN said that they can eat anything, except for honey & nuts. Nuts because of the choking risk and possible allergies, and honey because it can contain the bacteria that causes botulism. After 12 months they should be fine, although I think I'll be waiting until she is closer to 2. Plenty of other things they can eat anyway!

    DD also liked Cruskits at that age, usually with vegemite on them. They pretty much melt in their mouths.