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Thread: Fleece pocket nappies - is there such a thing?

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    Default Fleece pocket nappies - is there such a thing?

    Hi all,

    Sorry for the stupid question but I'm getting confused with all the cloth types - minky, fleece, velour
    (are they the same thing???)

    Anyway back to my question, I don't want a PUL pocket so am I left with anything else?

    If so, how have people liked the non-PUL pockets?



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    I have a fleece pocket night nappy and I love it. It's a Bonnibums one, but I think they use PUL for their day time ones.
    Up here it's so hot so I'd love some more fleece pockets. When I get my sewing machine out of storage I'm going to make a couple, but I'd love to hear of some other companies that make them.

    ETA no they aren't the same tihngs.
    Minky is not waterproof (generally - there are some that are laminated) and it used as a nappy outer. It's manmade.
    Fleece is either micro (for the nappy inner) or a thicker fleece for nappy outers and covers. Fleece for thise is manmade, but there is also bamboo fleece used for the absorbant parts of nappies.
    Velour can be made of cotton or bamboo and is pretty absorbant but is used to make either napper inners or fitted nappies.


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    Thanks Kim, I'm also yes I'm looking for fleece pockets for the same reason! Its always hot up here

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