thread: the coolest thing I have ever bought for making baby food! i'm so excited

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    Nov 2006
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    the coolest thing I have ever bought for making baby food! i'm so excited

    before anyone checks I don't work for philips or avent.

    I saw the steam flip blend on a website recently and instently fell in love with it.
    it was exspensive so I put my credit card away to think about it. over a month later I saw it in the big w catalogue and took it as an omen I was meant to buy it.

    So I did. i tried it today, dd not old enough for solids yet, but I thought I'll make something for ds (3yo) and just not puree much.

    it was so cool, it steamed to perfection, i did over blend because I was too busy playing with it, and got the smoothest baby food you ever saw, so we had potato and sweetpotato sauce with our lasagna for lunch, but I can't wait to make purees for dd now. I'm so excited, i wish it were around 3 years ago.
    and you don't have to blend, so you can use it if your making a meal for just one, or ou can just blend and use it as a mini blender, so I'm betting i use this for years to come.

    Just needed to share 'cause i'm so excited

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    ive seen it too!!!! but was very put off by its price im pretty jealous of you right now!!
    ive shopped around and ended up spending/wasting $20 on a magic bullet type thingy from KMART. and no, i dont work for KMART! Hehe!

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    Oct 2008

    I bought one of these months ago & still use it! DS is over 1 now but it's so handy if our meals are just too chunky (if veggie chunks etc are too large he just spits them out) or I want to quickly steam something for him. I also use it to mince chicken etc!

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    This sounds fantastic, I'm off to google!

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    Nov 2006
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    It is awesome, I think even after kids don't need it anymore you could make dips, salsa, etc in it, or even just a soup for one!

    cut up vegies, steam while your eating breakfast, puree, chuck in a flask or a container and you have fresh, thick vegie soup for lunch, how easy is that!

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    Dec 2010

    Smile Still good?

    Hi kungfubecca

    Can I ask you how your avent steamer is going? I really want one!

    Do you still use it? How is it with cleaning after use?


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    Way back when I was going to mothers group, one of the mothers had one... She raved about it!

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    I've been contemplating about getting one before DS was born ... Still tossing up whether to get this or just a great big normal food processor ... can anyone else who has one help with whether or not it was worth it???

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    Jan 2011

    I did babyled solids, much cheaper lol

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    Dec 2010

    I got one on sale (woo me!) but I haven't tried it yet (boo me). I'll report when I have

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    Jul 2009

    Oh I've seen this & would love one! Anyone seen it on sale anywhere lately?
    Is it easy to clean?
    How long does it take to steam?

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    Dec 2010

    Thumbs up First run, success!

    I bought mine at Parramatta Toys r us for $190.

    I just tried it by steaming apple. Wow - so easy!

    1. Pic of my chopped apple ready to go PIC

    2. The steamed apple. It beeps when all the water is gone. 50ml of water = 5mins of steaming, 100ml = 10mins etc. PIC

    3. The blended apple. One pulse gives some chunks. 2-3 pulses give silky smooth baby food. You can't serve it straight away - way too hot! I popped mine in the freezer for a few minutes before giving bub a little taste. The steamer comes with a spatula to scoop it all out.

    Cleaning. Cleaning was EASY. A little puree got up in the steamer lid, but everything comes apart easily and I just rinsed (because it was only apple and it was my first use).

    Baby food in minutes, woo! As @kungfubecca suggested, I'll be making sauces and soups for mummy too

    p.s. apologies if the pics don't come out the right way. I can change them - its my first try to use pics in BB.