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Thread: All natural materials, Pocket, for a small baby?

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    Default All natural materials, Pocket, for a small baby?

    Hey, I want one that has 100% natural materials, no microfleece, and that is nicely fitting for a slender 7kg baby.
    Any ideas?
    The only 100% natural one I've found is by Happy Heinyz, has anyone tried these? How is the fit?
    I have nothing to compare to, so I'll be back to describe how the BBH Fitted looks on DD when they arrive.
    This post sounds a bit strange, sorry I'm very tired and will probably edit tomorrow! lol

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    Unless it's a wool outer (eg ecobubs, which has a microfleece inner anyway), you won't get a 100% natural material pocket nappy, as it needs a waterproof outer layer. If you want 100% natural you'll need fitteds with wool covers, or AIOs / pockets with a natural inner. The most commonly used natural fibre used for inners in pockets/AIOS is cotton velour (eg: Swaddlebees), but most pockets / AIOS have stay-dry fabrics like microfleece / suedecloth.

    I know that doesn't help much LOL!

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    Yep-as suse said, most pocket nappies don't have a natural outer as they use PUL. I have somewith natural inners (green kids have bamboo or hemp inserts) but I've only seen ecobubs with a woolen outer for pocket nappies.

    I have some Happy Heiny pocket nappies but they mustn't be the ones you are talking about as they are PUL outers with microfibre inserts.

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    Hmm thanks girls, I guess I should just find one with natural inner, and not worry about the outer layer, as it's clearly unavoidable!

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    hmmm I thought I posted in this thread originally....
    anyway, what i was going to say has already been posted but even Ecobubs have a layer of PUL.

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