thread: Rice milk for toddlers?

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    Apr 2009
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    Rice milk for toddlers?

    After EE for Pie , I have started trying to wean...thinking it would be easy, because she's already on a bottle.
    But she HATES cows milk. She will take one swig and spit it out. I have tried for weeks now, with no change.

    I know she doesn't need the cows milk for calcium or whatver, but she does like to have a bottle (or two) during the night & it is a pretty good sleep cue for her too. I'm not sure how we would go cutting it out altogether.

    So as a replacement for EBM I was thinking about rice milk... it's probably closer to BM in taste & consistency (well I think so anyway ) and I offered her a bit this morning & while she didn't guzzle it, she did drink more than she would of cow's milk.

    It says on the box 'not recommeded as whole milk food for children under 5'
    - is this due to the low fat content or something else?
    She will eat cheese, yoghurt (and rice milk is high in calcium anyway) and she can get the fat somehwere else can't she?

    Or is there another reason they are not supposed to have it?

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    DD has oat milk due to suspected milk protein intolerance, she also refused cows milk, i think she knew she wasnt ment to have cows milk!
    she has it on her ceral and one cup a day as shes stlll breastfed.

    if your DD is eating other sources of dairy i wouldnt be concerned about the fat content