thread: Really not sure..hmm

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    Jul 2009

    Really not sure..hmm

    Iv read so many threads,so many books and im confused still,
    Regarding solids
    My DD is breast fed exclusivley (sp) started solids 3 weks ago,she was ready and loves it.

    she has had rice cereal gave her tummy ache so never again.
    she has tried pears,apply,pumpkin,banana and avo..all pureed with breast milk added,she has one unch time meal and i give her as much as she will take and wants,which is different each day.if she turns away or doesnt want it i dont force it and she doesnt have it.

    Its no rush for me ..I am really confused ,with what foods i should be giving her,when and how often to give her a new food.
    Do i offer her only one meal a day?
    Does she need water?

    She loves the boob and would sit on it all day and night if she could ,there is def no concern for her not getting enough food,milk wise.

    Im just so confused

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    Oct 2008

    The rice cereal and baby porridge gave my little one a tummy ache too Shell.

    It is confusing hey?

    There are a lot of people here who have tried baby led solids - there is lots of information on it.

    But it sounds like you're being responsive to your little one's needs so you're doing a great job! You'd soon know if she was hungry!

    Sue xx

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    Nov 2009
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    great to hear Little MIss is doing well and ready for food

    With Romone, I was told by the healthcare nurse, to start one food a week
    So everyday the same food to test for allergies etc. to see what they dont like and what makes them a bit off

    We started with the custards in the can (Heinz) Banana, egg, apple, etc.
    and pureed fresh fruit/veg , bananas , avo, potato, carrot , pumpkin etc (citrus ones last) The creamier the texture the better

    Then about 8 months Romone had mashed food or chunky diced texture to get used to the texture of foods
    Then finger foods

    Goodluck ! Any more info just ask

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    Feb 2008
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    don't stress too much hun One meal a day is probably sufficient, maybe increase it to two in a month or so or if she seems hungry. You could try other vegies, carrot, squash was a fav with DD, potato (although may make her a little constipated because of all the starch). Just work through them all one by one or have fun combining them. TBH I got sick of mushing up foods for her and started using the Rafferty's Garden purees until we started with BLS. Broccoli (has a special built in handle!) and zucchini are great to start them off with, or even just a little piece of your toast in the morning if you have it for brekky.