thread: Looking for Gorilla Munch

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    Looking for Gorilla Munch

    DD (8mths) is currently under the care of a Speech Pathologist and Dietician for what has been diagnosed as food aversion. Milk feeds have always been a huge struggle for us and her and she shows absolutley no interest in foods other than those that she can feed herself. The 'experts' have attributed this to the fact that she was born pre-term and spent some time in the SCN due to respiratory distress with a nasogastric tube.
    We have been doing a variation of Baby-led weaning with her, as well giving her what the Speech Pathologist calls 'Bite & Dissolve' textured foods. These are mostly rice based snack type foods which dissolve with saliva. Which brings me to Gorilla Munch, made by a company called Healthykidz. Our S/P has highly recommended it, as it's a rice and cane sugar based cereal with big enough pieces to not be a choking risk for DD. But I can't find it anywhere!!! I have checked the health food sections of the local supermakerts as well as health food stores, but with no luck!! I'm happy to travel within Melbourne to get it, if anybody can help me locate a box or two. TIA. xo

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    Google is your friend...doh i can't PM you.... there should be a stockist list somewhere... googled Gorilla Munch Stockists in Aus