thread: Can I take Organic Bubs pouches on a plane as check-in luggage?

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    Oct 2010

    Can I take Organic Bubs pouches on a plane as check-in luggage?

    I am going to Bali next month and it is the first time we have taken our 7 month old baby girl overseas (bit nerve racking!). Iím planning to take a whole bunch of Organic Bubs pouches to feed her whilst we are there as not sure if you can buy good organic brands in Bali. But does anyone know if I can take them in-flight? They are 120g which is over the 100ml rule??

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    Apr 2010

    It should be fine. They allow baby things through. We recently went to NZ and had no trouble

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    Ring the airline and check. You don't want a nasty surprise on boarding.

    There should be no problem putting them in your check-in luggage (so long as you declare them on arrival in Bali for their customs officials to check) but there may be a limit on the number that they let you take on the flight in your carry-on luggage.

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    Oct 2008

    Yeah, I'd ring and check - they're pretty strict with the 100ml thing at the moment.

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    Oct 2010


    I am also taking Organic Bubs overseas with me this weekend to Thailand (I just bought Richmond Coles out of stock sorry guys!). I rang Qantas and they said it is fine to bring baby food on the plane and in your luggage underneath. The Qantas website says ďBaby products to be consumed in-flight including baby milk, sterilised water, baby juice, baby food in liquid, gel or paste form and wet wipes may be carried on board.Ē
    My friend said she declared it in Phuket but they just waived her through. Probably best to though. The customs lines are generally not as bad as Australia!