thread: BF first or Solids first???

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    Dec 2009

    BF first or Solids first???

    Ok so it seems like most 10month old babies BF only like 4ish times a day.
    DD bfs a lot more than that... I have no idea how many times, but a bunch.
    I BF first and then offer finger foods, which she only really nibbles and then plays with. She never really swallows a big amount.

    When I left her for the first time at a friend's house, I wasn't there to feed her, and isntead of crying wanting a BF, she just ate HEAPS of solids.. orange, pear, apple, some veges, banana.. Apparently she finished all the pieces I'd provided in a container, and tucked into some of their dinner too! And then, she fell asleep easily, and slept without a peep for 4hrs until I had to wake her to take her home.

    So, that seemed to go SO well, should I be offereing solids before BF?? See I thought BF was ment to be more important?? I'm confused now, can anyone help?

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    May 2008

    At 10 months it really doesn't matter which you do - or even a blend of both. Experiment and see what works - if solids first helps her sleep then do that at dinner time!
    At this age you may also find that separating the BF and the food works too - something like wake up - bf - play - brekky - snooze?- bf and so on.
    As long as your bub is trying foods, mostly happy and growing then all is well.

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    Oct 2008

    I think at that age I was offering solid food first. BM is more important but this way if she doesn't eat enough food she's got the BM to fill her up.