thread: Rice cereal and frequency of pooping

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    Question Rice cereal and frequency of pooping

    We started DD on a small amount of rice cereal once a day about 2 weeks ago (around 19 weeks old) and she really likes it - opens her mouth and is getting used to swallowing etc. But I've noticed she's gone from pooping once or twice a day to only every 2-3 days - this did seem to start about a week prior to going on the rice cereal but I can't be certain (baby brain!). Consistency of poo hasn't changed much, maybe a little thicker but not much. She definitely passes gas a lot more too!

    I'm wondering if we should cut out the cereal until she's a bit older... or is it normal to have a change in the frequency of pooping? She doesn't seem to be in pain from it.

    ETA - cereal is offered about 30 mins after a BF.

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    Having a bowel movement only every 3 days is not uncommon for a breastfed baby, but I would be more concerned about the gas. Although she is enjoying it, it may be that she is a little young to be able to cope with digesting the solids. I would suggest stopping the rice cereal and going back to just breastmilk for a few more weeks, then trying again and see if she has less gas and more frequent poos.

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    It definately blocks some babies up (mine included). It is recommended not to start solids untill Bub is 6 months old, so I would say if you are concerned maybe give it a break and see if it makes a difference.

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    Starting solids does change their stools, they will get thicker, can change colour and smell slightly. But if you think it is upsetting her system, I would be stopping and starting again at 6 months. They may seem ready to physically eat but their digestive system can still be to immature. Rice cereal can cause problems for some babies, ie constipation, tummy pains, so some bubs skip it all together.

    I really suggest looking into Baby Led Solids. There is some great threads on BB about it.