thread: 1 year old won't eat really...what am I doing wrong?

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    1 year old won't eat really...what am I doing wrong?

    I think DS may have an issue but I can't be too sure. He's 13 months old. He is super fussy. I give him that pumpkin/spinach/ricotta organic food for dinner (every night) and a yoghurt afterwards or baby fruit. He won't eat toast, sandwiches, pikelets, rice cakes and maybe half an arrowroot biscuit if that. He has yoghurt though. Every meal time, he throws anything off his high chair I give him. Because he won't eat much, I give him 200mL milk when he wakes at 5.30am, 150mL before his 9am sleep and another 150mL after lunch (which is normally just yoghurt at the moment!), then 200mL before bed. What am I doing wrong? I swear my DD wasn't like this (although she can be fussy with food and she's 3 now).

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    Could he be bored?
    But my most suspected answer is nothing. You aren't doing anything wrong.
    My DD will set anything and anything, then I got DS. He's been known to eat frozen peas ( only) for a full fortnight. He's a fair dinkum shocker.
    It's really hard not to get frustrated, I know, but that is what has worked for me. He will eat when he is ready, and slowly at 2 and a bit he's improving.
    Maybe just try giving him bits of what you're having? Have you looked at baby led solids at all?

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    My 3yr old was & still is like that. She hates trying new foods & is one very super fussy eater.
    It's only in the last few months has she started to try new things.
    My 2yr old will try anything & is a fantastic eater.

    Some kids are just really fussy but i agree with Kim he will eat when he is ready.
    Try give him what you're having he may do better with that