thread: DS Refusing Bottles - concern re fluid intake

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    DS Refusing Bottles - concern re fluid intake

    Over the last two days, DS has pretty well refused all bottles. I managed to get him to drink 150mls this morning but that's it. He's refusing it in favour of solids, which given he's almost 12months is okay by me, however he doesn't really seem to be interested in drinking anything. We offer water but he may taste it but is certainly not drinking it. If it's in a small cup, he'll flick his tongue in and out and that's about it. If it's in a training cup, I don't think he's getting any at all, or most runs down his front.

    I bought some pre-diluted fruit juice today but I'd rather get him on water than fruit juice, but thought maybe a splash of that in water may get him interested (or maybe that's just me reflecting my own thoughts)?

    Any suggestions please?

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    I have done it when we needed DD to drink something (1/4 or less juice to water) but i also prefer her to take water.

    We put cups in the bath and DD practised drinking from them and it doesn't matter if it spilled anywhere. Can you add more liquid to the foods your little one eats? watermelon, yogurt, soup, milk in mashed potato...

    just keep offering and hopefully he will get interested.

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    CeCe, I had the same problem a while ago when DS didn't want to take his bottles too. I'm pretty sure it was before he turned 1....Anyway, I was cutting down his milk anyway to a morning and a night bottle (now it's only a night bottle) and was trying to increase his fluids during the day. I tried a couple of sippy cups which he didn't like so then one day DF gave him a taste of his thick shake and he took to the straw. So then I went out and bought him a cup with a straw and he drinks from that now. He's never been a fan of plain water so I give him a very weak diluted fruit juice. If I don't dilute it myself I get the golden circle kids ones. I've tasted them and they are pretty watery, so not too sweet. GL hun, and keep trying becaue as you know what kids do one day doesn't guarantee they'll do on another. Sometimes kids go off food and are back to normal a few days later (thank goodness DS eats like a horse )

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    Thanks ladies,

    DS does have a cup in the bath and it's quite amusing to watch as he goes for the wrong lip and it spills down his front. Amusing in the bath, but I'm not up to letting him try unaided elsewhere.

    I've also tried to go the moist food option, and I'm hoping the saying "children will eat when they want" applies to drinking too. Child care tells me he drinks there and they use the 'take and toss' trainer cups. I may have to try some of those if things don't change at home.

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    Let him try unaided - just only put 10 ml in the cup!