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Thread: How do you store your fruit and vegies?

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    Default How do you store your fruit and vegies?

    I have no idea when it comes to a lot of things - and storing fruit and veggies is one of them...

    Do you have a fruit bowl? - is there any fruit you can't keep in a fruit bowl?

    Do you have any veggies in your fruit bowl (LOL)? Tomatoes maybe? (I know, I know... they are really a fruit )

    What about the things you keep in the fridge... do you keep them in the little plastic bags from the supermarket?

    Should you separate them in any particular way when they are in the fridge?

    Do you store any fresh produce in your pantry?

    ... See, no idea at all LOL but I am almost certain that I am doing it wrong!!

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    Fruit goes in the fruit bowl with the exception of strawberries and green apples ><;
    Vegies go in the fridge with the exception of potatoes, pumpkins etc (I keep them in the pantry)... generally they get chucked in still in the bag from the shops, however, when I'm not a massively pregnant lazy person I do usually chop up things like broccili and caulieflower into little florrets and put them in those fridge mate tupperware container thingies.

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    I have a wide range of fridgesmart containers from tupperware, yes they were expensive to initially buy, but they do what they're supposed to & keep F&V fresher for longer.

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    Potatoes, onions and shallots in a wooden box I made when I was in High School in pantry and out of the plastic bags..very dark.
    Apples, oranges, Bannana's, mandarines, oranges in a fruit bowl. I was told that apples can ripen bannana's too quickly, so I have two tiered fruit basket that I keep the bannana's on top on their own.
    Grapes in the fridge in tupperware.
    Celery, Leak and spring onions in the fridge in tupperware.
    Tomotoes in the crisper part of the fridge separate. Carrots, brocoli, cauliflour and corn in the cripser in the fridge.
    Strawberries and Blue berries in the fridge, I don't worry about storage containers for these as they never last long enough in our house worry about that
    When I purhcased my Tupperware Fridgesmart containers, they came with a handy fridge magnet guide explaining how to store. I use this alot with my Tupperware Fridgesmart containers.
    Mushrooms I leave in the Mushroom bag and put them in my crisper, they seem to last OK doing this.

    I take everything out of the plastic bags from the fruit and veg.


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    I keep everything except bananas, potatoes and onions in the fridge. It's too hot here not to. My fridge has air flow adjusters in the crisper with recommended settings for fruit/veg so I follow those. I do remove all plastic before putting them in there if I have any.
    Most people here even keep their bread in the fridge.

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    I keep fruit in the fruit bowl except for melons, grapes and berries which are kept in the fridge. Another few weeks though and the fruit wil have to go into the fridge cos it will be too hot.

    Potatoes, onions, tomatoes and garlic in the pantry - stored separately from each other.

    Mushrooms in their paper bag on a shelf, not the crisper.

    Everything else in either fridge smart or other plasticware in the fridge.

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