Hi guys,

My DS is about 10.5 months old. It takes him about an hour to get through his meal at night. On a good night it takes about 40 minutes. We do some finger food, followed by spoon fed yoghurt and banana and sometimes some finger fruit. The meat in particular takes a long time for example if we do chicken nuggets, or really any meat that isn't pureed. The meat kind of just sits in his mouth and he chews a bit but it doesn't really seem productive. Occasionally we puree up some steak and spoon feed it and this is a lot quicker. We eat as a family but we finish our meal in about 15 minutes and just sit there until our son has finished.

My questions are:

* Is it normal for a baby to take so long to eat?
* Is it normal for it to take a long time to chew and swallow meat?
* If this is normal, what do you do whilst waiting for your baby to finish eating? Do you sit at the table or get up and do other things?