thread: DD had a reaction to banana last night :(

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    DD had a reaction to banana last night :(

    So yesterday DD reacted to banana. She's had it a handful of times before with no issue, but minutes after eating it yesterday she got a rash all around her mouth. She only actually ate about a fingernail size. She was a little fussy but within 30 minutes it was gone. A few hours later she had a huge poo, really gross and went up to her neck. Then last night, (a few hours after the poo) she projectile vomited everywhere, twice. It was so scary. Now I'm so paranoid about her reacting to other foods, it shook me up do much. I called my mum in case I needed a ride to the hospital and she was a massive ***** about it, very patronising and dismissive. According to her I need to take DD to the health nurse, if I did this wouldn't happen. Ugh. I ended up just standing in the shower with DD crying my eyes out, and hardly slept because I was checking on her every 10 minutes Yeah, maybe an overreaction but I really couldn't care less, it was a really frightening experience and I'm really worried for other foods now.

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    It's alright to overreact once in a while! I saw the photo you put on fb of the rash and I thought it looked a bit iffy, but you'd said it had disappeared so I didn't comment. Poor bub

    Could you take her to a doctor, see if they can do some allergy testing? I'd assume it'd be better to catch anything early... And on the other hand, it could turn out to be nothing! Maybe that specific banana had some sort of pesticide it had been sprayed with, or something? I don't usually react to foods, but occasionally my tongue swells up a bit after bananas, orange, or lemon. But not all the time, so I still eat those fruits.

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    DD is allergic to apples. And like your DD, it came after she'd eaten them for some time. She broke out in a rash on her neck. It's hard because apple juice is in so much stuff so she always has a very mild tiny rash behind her knee now, but it doesn't bother her at all. The MCHN said that because it's so mild, to not worry much and she should grow out if it over time. She has only shown a reaction to grapes since, again another rash.

    It's nerve-racking to begin with because I worried about other foods too, but it's been okay. Big hugs PZ.

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    that would be awful and scary ... I hope she and you are both ok now.

    FWIW a friend's DD had a reaction to orange juice at around 8 months, but later on was able to have it fine - and my DS had a bit of a reaction to kiwi fruit the first time, but now can have it fine ... his little body just mustn't have liked it so early, or he was sensitive from something else, or something ...

    but you're an awesome mum, and you keep such a good eye on her I'm sure that if she *does* react to anything else, you'll deal it with the same way: promptly and appropriately. and she will be fine.

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    my dd used to react to strawberry & kiwi, but is now fine with both.

    i know how scary it can be.

    maybe look up if there are other foods related to bananas, so you know which other foods you might have to be careful with.