thread: What sort of meals do you make for your under 12 month old?

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    What sort of meals do you make for your under 12 month old?

    DD is 9 months and we're doing BLS, which we all love. Problem is, I'm not a big breakfast or even lunch eater. I'm in the process of changing those habits, but in the mean time, what are some brekkies and lunches both you and your little ones love? For DD, she has porridge, fruit, roast, cheese, yogurt, leftovers, veggie sticks, sandwiches...I'm looking for more ideas, things I can make to mix up what I'm giving her, and to make sure I'm giving her enough variety and something I can enjoy too.

    So tell me what your little ones eat throughout the day
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    I make batched of fruit or veggie/cheese muffins, i just used to half them when they were younger.

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    That's a great idea! Thank you

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    I have a soft copy of BLW recipes if u want it.

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    Just put this in another thread but something I used to make for DD for breakfast a lot was slices of apple topped with really thick porridge or what I've coined 'yogapples' which was the same thing but with thick yogurt.

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    We have :

    - tomato and chickpea stew
    - turkey soup (we use minced turkey with veggies and pasta and cook till most of the broth is gone so he can eat it with his fingers)
    - spaghetti (I freeze some small containers with just plain pasta and then I use it for other meals or add veggies to it)
    - Muffins
    - Omlette (this is a new one since he's only just eating whole egg now) either plain or with grated veggies or thin rice noodles mixed into it.
    - lentils and veggies
    -Wraps - with tuna, mayo, avocado and then I slice like a sushi roll and get about 5 neat pieces for him to eat
    - antipasto plate (with buba ganoush, olives, toothpick then raw carrot slices, slices of tomato)

    That's about all I can think of for now.

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    We do weetbix/ ceral/ toast in the morning for brekkie, little pieces of cheese, sausage/meat and pasta for lunch dinner, youghurt, banana for snacks and baby food- she still only has 2 teeth so we are kinda slow with offering serious food. Egg yolk custard with pear juice in it is also a fav at the mo

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    What sort of meals do you make for your under 12 month old?

    BD 12 months will eat just about anything. I hope she doesn't change. She loves scrambled eggs, toast, weetbix, Special K and Cornflakes. I make her weekbix with boiling water to make them soggy and then chilled milk over the top.

    Lunch - she loves chicken, rice, pasta, spaghetti, baked beans, sweet potato, baked potato, apple sauce (steamed and blended apples), grapes, pineapple.

    My BD absolutely loves Chicken Kiev. She's a funny little thing.