thread: my 16 month old still will not eat lumps

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    Jan 2008

    my 16 month old still will not eat lumps

    hi all,
    My DS3 will still only eat food that is of a 4 month old consistancy with no lumps at all, what can i do to get him to eat lumps ??

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    Oct 2007
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    rather than lumpy food can you give him solid food like toast, steamed vegetables, roast vegetables, pasta.... does he have a strong gag reflex or other physical issue in swallowing food?

    it depends on whether you think he is not eating a variety of foods due to physical or psychological reasons. OT can help kids with food aversions.

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    Jul 2009

    I think Hotl gave you some great advice. Maybe try some sticks of avocado, it's really soft and prob a good start. we never really did alot of mash and purée, mostly steamed veg sticks etc. Mango is another great one. Have you tried giving him foods and letting him explore? Maybe like Hotl says there could be more to it, a physical reason why he still gags. But perhaps if you let him try being in control of what he puts in his mouth he might start to eat some solid foods. That must be tough for you, good luck.