thread: How can you get a reflux bub to keep any solids down?

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    Sep 2008

    How can you get a reflux bub to keep any solids down?

    My bubby boy will be 6 months in a few days. I tried him on rice cereal 2 days ago (about 1/4 teaspoon) and he spewed it all up along with milk from his bottle he had drunk an hour prior almost straight away after gagging a few times. I tried again today and same result!

    He is a major spewer. My daughter had reflux too but hers was silent so she had no probs eating or keeping food inside. I thought when you start solids you should give the milk food first and then the food. I am waiting an hour to give the food to try and keep his refluxing at bay but I dont want to leave it much longer to give as I dont want him possibly spewing and choking when I put him to bed. He is currently up 2 hours then asleep 2 hours.

    What are your thoughts?

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    Jun 2009

    I'd look at doing baby led rather then the whole purée and rice cereal route. Dd was really spewy but seemed to go ok with this way although we never gave her purée or rice cereal.

    She'd still have a spew every now and then but no harm came from it.

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    Oct 2008

    I'd go with baby led weaning as well. It's helped my chucky babies heaps. I gave them soft food sticks of what ever I was eating and let them play with it. I did offer them food off a spoon like yogurt and mashed food that we were eating but they always ate more, and kept it down if they fed them selves.

    My 8 mo boy with no teeth just downed a bowl of penne pasta quite an impressive feat and he loved it

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    Oct 2008

    Is he spending much (or any) time sitting up? I think DD2 only really got better once she was sitting up for longer periods, which for her wasn't until after 7 months. Until then I remember questioning why people said reflux got better when they started solids because from what I could see it was just the same but the spew was carrot coloured instead of milk coloured