thread: How many bottles per day for 13 month old?

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    Jul 2012

    How many bottles per day for 13 month old?

    My daughter was bf until 3 months and formula until 12 months. She now drinks 3 x 240mL cows milk daily. She eats a big breakfast. On a regular day she will eat 2 weekbix and half a slice of toast after her morning bottle.

    She has morning tea - fruit - and lunch - whatever we are having - and then a 12.30pm bottle. BD has a yoghurt for afternoon tea and then dinner - whatever we are having. Then she has a bottle after her bath.

    Is this normal? Should she be dropping a bottle? I'm happy to keep her going with the bottles. Should we be using sippy cups for her lunch milk?

    She has water in between too.

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    Its up to you if you keep going with the milk bottles, but it is suggested that they have milk from a cup from 12 months to save dental issues.

    Plenty of kids have milk bottles past 2 or 3, but it can cause issues. With teeth as well as diet. If its easy enough I'd try dropping one & see how you go

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    How many bottles per day for 13 month old?

    I wouldn't be but its a matter of personal choice. My dd has only in the last six weeks decided to cut back on milk and eat more food. Sheis 13m and has at least four milk feeds still between 6pm and 9am as well as offering a sippy cup of cows milk with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea at daycare. She has access to water bottle all day.
    Personally,we followed the food s fun until one mantra so for us it makes sense that she still has a lot of milk in her diet.
    Bottles cause dental issues more so when they are put to bed with them and use them as a comfort like a dummy. If dental issues were something you were concerned about there is really o need t cut out milk, just assist in get brushing after the bottle rather than going to bed with one.