thread: Starting to think he's ready

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    Sep 2010
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    Starting to think he's ready

    DS (5mos) is constantly stealing food and gets mega cranky if we don't let him.

    He stole my apricot and I took it back and he screamed. He realised he had some on his fingers and he has the biggest smile on his face as he licks and sucks it off.

    He still does have a sensitive gag reflex and tongue thrust so I know you'll say wait the next 3w.

    But, he so desperately wants food. And he hates rusks.

    Any ideas?

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    Oct 2007
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    if he steals it and puts it in his mouth, i wouldn't take it off him. both mine did this and licked and tasted a few things between 5 and 6 months. i started offering food to both at 6 months, dd didn't really get into it til 8 or 9 months, ds was keen at first but then chilled for a bit, and started getting into it at 7 months ish.

    And i think a sensitive gag reflex put both of them off putting alot in their mouth, until it settled down.

    if you want to give something for teething, maybe try cucumber? cool on his teeth,

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    Jan 2006

    Maybe let him have a taste and play and see?
    My DD was super keen at this age, but with the gag reflex she couldn't swallow anything till well over 7 months.