thread: I've made the right decision.

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    Jun 2009

    I've made the right decision.

    You know how sometimes you wonder whether you have decided on the right decision/'s for your child especially when told by people that "you are being mean", "where's the fun in that", "they aren't getting to experience what being a child is like", "a little bit won't hurt", "can I just give her a little", "you can't take it off her now", "you should let her grandparents spoil her that's what they're for"

    Well NO I have made the right decision and anyone that doubts me or thinks its mean needed to be in our house this afternoon and needed to see what mean really is.

    I'm strict on my daughters/children's diet for a reason as it effects their behaviour considerably! So when my daughter had something with a small amount of processed sugar in it today (also reacts to many other foods and numbers!) My already full on 2yr old becomes out of control and not only that you can see she gets frustrated and upset at herself for not being able to control her body and emotions. She's honestly becomes like someone in a drug crazed moment. Both DH and I struggled/struggle to control her. It's not 'normal' for a child to have to act/be like this and is just plain cruel if I allow her to eat things that make her act in this way. So no I'm not being mean by being strict and I've made the right decision! At first DH would disagree but now he has seen what she is like he is 100% in aggreeance. Which is great to have that support.

    It's not easy but we do it for her own good, with already food intolerances and allergies it makes it increasingly difficult but we put up with this difficultness as its easier than dealing with the uncontrollable crazed child as its both upsetting for her and us.

    So with DS now found to be allergic to egg it makes me want to cry as it became a good food for her to have. The foods ruled out just on the intolerance and allergy part with both kids combined are dairy, yeast, wheat and egg and that's not even including the things she can't eat for behaviour wise...anyone want to plan my family meals?!

    I take great respect for families that can't have certain foods and have to come up with meals and snacks because it definitely isn't easy especially when you add in social situations.

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    Jul 2009

    I've made the right decision.

    Take a look at the 'cut out the crap' books.

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    Jun 2009

    Thanks I'll check it out.

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    My Mum used to just say "If you feed it to her you have to keep her until it wears off" - that seemed to do the trick!
    Hopefully the impact decreases as she gets older.

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    Nov 2009
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    Re: I've made the right decision.

    My aunt used to give my kids heaps of sugary crap as I was leaving her house despite me telling her the effect it had on my second son. So one day I let her feed them it as I was about to leave them to be babysat and after that she never fed them processed sugar again. Go figure! I wish people would just listen to the parents of the child on the assumption that they know best.

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    Aug 2006

    I've made the right decision.

    We had the same thing here yesterday afternoon and today. We went to a birthday party and DS started sulking and carrying on when I said no to a bright blue iced cupcake. I gave in as I felt bad, then he scoffed the lolly bag before I knew about it and needless to say he was a nightmare last night.

    It is hard to watch them out of control of their emotions. DS has food allergies as well and I sometimes wonder if they are more sensitive to colours etc because of it.

    Sorry to hear about the food allergies. We've recently seen a dietician as DS hadn't put on any weight. He's intolerant to dairy, soy and allergic to tree nuts. She gave me a lot of ideas. A lot of work involved but at least I know how to fulfill his nutritional needs. Allergies are hard as you have to avoid food groups and their health might suffer as a result. They might be able to give you meal plans that work for the whole family.

    Parties are hard. I baked cupcakes for DS for the party, then he wouldn't eat them. He hates to feel different

    Good luck