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Thread: IVF with PGD # 11

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    Happy new year ladies! Wishing you all the very best of luck in whatever you are trying to achieve in the year ahead xx

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    Arrrrgh, that's right up there with 'maybe you are trying to hard/stressing too much' or 'go on a holiday' nope nope, just nope. I got them all. Your heart is already stretched to its breaking point, then you feel like you are all alone because no one you know gets it.

    On a more positive note, thanks for the lovely wishes J bear and best wishes for the year ahead to you all. Back at work this week and really feeling like I need another holiday. With everything else that was going on at the end of the year I think the stim cycle left me very tired.

    So we got our results in just a couple of days in the end and I was shocked to find out we have 5 that got the tick of approval. Having only got one on the previous cycle I'm a bit stunned, I was thinking I was optimistic hoping for 2!

    Couldn't arrange a January transfer in the end as the lab was shutting down and to go somewhere else they would have to transport all of them and I didn't want to take the risk. So waiting for day 1 to come around and then tracking the cycle. So much waiting. We were rushing back because I was worried that my eggs were even worse after nearly 2 years since the last cycle, and I felt a bit like I'd have rather had a bit more of a break before trying again, now I'm all impatient to get cracking.

    Good luck for the next transfer J Bear!

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    Happy New year girls! Wishing you much love, health and success in 2016. Xx

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    Thanks Munchkin! Hope everything is going along nicely for you.

    Shellybelly how is the tracking going? Did you get your results?

    I saw my FS today & everything is set to go when we're ready. We've decided to wait until we move in April & have the funds. Also gives me a bit of time to focus on my health & fitness.

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    Hi everyone! How are we all?
    Well, we got 5 that passed the testing. I had a transfer last sunday. Have resisted the urge to do any testing so far but may crack tomorrow I think

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    Sheesh, what a crazy old time I've had. So I broke and did a test on day 6 post transfer and there were two lines. Yippy! But then that night I had some strong abdo pain, but it went away after a couple of hours. Wednesday the blood test confirmed the pregnancy with a high HCG, awesome I think, no ectopic etc. Saturday night again I get the weird pain, but this time way worse, so off to the hospital I go (with husband and 14mth old now at 2am) where they decide its probably an ectopic pregnancy. They keep me awake all night, make me fast (in case I need emergency surgery) and wait until after 2pm to do an ultrasound to find out its not ectopic, but a big ovarian cyst that is leaking blood into my abdomen and the gestational sac is right in my uterus where it should be. They still wanted to keep me in because of the bleeding, but I managed to get them to let me go home. Man, for someone that has spent such a lot of time in hospitals, I really hate them. It seems odd to me, that all the fertility specialists and gynos seem to have ultrasounds that they use all the time, yet at the Royal Womens, they don't?!

    Hope everyone else had a much much nicer weekend!

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    Oh no that sounds terrible. Congratulations on the BFP and praying for you it's a sticky one

    I had large ovarian cysts during my last pregnancy however they were not leaking. We thought the pregnancy was ectopic too due to my past history and my level of pain. They we're going to operate at 13weeks but in the end they started reducing in size so they monitored them. At their biggest around 8weeks the 3 combined were 20cm (largest almost 9cm) apparently that is huge. My past scan was at 5months post partum and they were still there although down to 2 & 3 cm. Them miraculously with my currently pregnancy they had disappeared completely. Do they have a plan of action? Is rest enough?

    Anyway sneaking out again just wanted to say congratulations and I hope the cyst settles and doesn't cause further grief,

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    Hi Mildez, I see you popped into the Oct chat, might see you over there. Thanks for the well wishes.

    Holy smokes, that was a crazy collection of cysts you had there! Glad it all turned out ok. The plan of action is wait and hope it goes away on its own. Seems it keeps bleeding at random (it flared up again today) and that hurts a lot, but I just have to live with it and hope that it isn't a torsion of the ovary. Apparently I just have to judge my pain as best I can ..... riiiight. Given how bad Saturday night was (worse than child birth easily) I really don't know how I am supposed to do that. Anyway, my FS is pretty good and she said if I'm worried, I go back to the royal or pay for another scan if its during business hours.

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    Shellybelly that sounds stressful. Congratulations on the bfp, I'm so sorry that it's such a stressful time for you being in pain. It seems after everything we go through to get pregnant you can't catch a break & have an 'easy' pregnancy.

    I hope this cyst settles & you can get some rest too xx

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    Hey J Bear, how you going?

    I know what you mean. I was talking to a colleague today who said his wife is reluctant to go for no 2 because she didn't love being pregnanct, I was like, being pregnant is not that big a deal! Not for someone that has had to go through endless crap to get there.

    Scan tomorrow to see what the cyst is doing. Seems to be less painful lately, unfortunately I now have gastro! Courtesy of DD and day care. Seriously

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    How was your scan?

    As for me, we still plan on doing our next FET in May at this stage so just trying to focus on my health. We have so much going on with our renovations that time is flying by.

    Hope everyone is well.

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    May will come around so quickly, we are in April already! Take care of your self.

    The cyst is still there, but doesn't seem to be actively bleeding anymore, so hopefully it will just go on its own in the next 4 weeks.

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    Stimulation just about to begin and packing my bags for treatment abroad! Anybody else going to Dunya IVF in Cyprus?

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