thread: 'Food is fun until they're 1'....13.5mths getting worried...unnecessary?

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    'Food is fun until they're 1'....13.5mths getting worried...unnecessary?


    DD2 is 13.5 months and please forgive my naive-ness-I do have an older DD but did 'things' differently, ie puree back then! We've been doing BLW since 6 months, she took a while-thinking she could shove more in that what she could and often gagged, sometimes still does! A LOT ends up on the floor, not quite so much these days but she is still having a LOT of boob! I don't know what she should/not be having?? DD1 was also a big boobie girl but self weaned at 13 months so I kinda thought something similar would happen with DD2 but she's still big on boob. She wakes anywhere from 3-5 times a night...we co-sleep, boob first thing then half hour or so later I do brekkie, then maybe 2 x boobs, wait then lunch then a few boobs then wait dinner, quick boob, bath, boob x 2 bed! When I say 'boob' usually just one side then she's off doing her thing so maybe not quite as many feeds?? I started a water sippy cup a few weeks ago but it's more of a play thing so far. I have tried stretching her, making her wait a little bit longer and giving food instead but she cracks it, won't eat and wants boob. Part of me thinks she'll do it when she's ready and knows what she needs, part of me is worried that I'm failing her or 'people' are right or criticising me behind my back for not doing a good job?? TMI but her pooh is always nuggets now so I now know more food is likely going in than what I had thought. Sorry for long babble just looking for advice, thanks in advance ladies xxo

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    Re: 'Food is fun until they're 1'....13.5mths getting worried...unnecessary?

    I wouldn't be overly worried at this stage. But I would be offering 2 snacks a day as well as 3 meals. Offer them at regular times, not just when she's already hungry for boob, cos food is slower and harder to get satisfaction from, so if she's starving, she won't have the patience for food.

    And try to eat your meals and snacks with her, and if possible, eat the same foods, even sharing a plate.

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    Re: 'Food is fun until they're 1'....13.5mths getting worried...unnecessary?

    Lots of boob at this age is still quite normal, so I wouldn't worry about that. They naturally regulate their intake as they eat more - and the rate at which they increase their intake varies a lot baby to baby - but they don't necessarily drop feeds, they just take less at each feed. Breastmilk is still a really great source of nutrition. At this age what they need in addition is iron, zinc,calcium, maybe. They don't necessarily need a large volume.
    But, leaving all this aside, the way to know whether she is doing ok is by looking at her. Is she growing, developing, healthy, etc? If so, then whatever you are doing is just right.
    You might find it helpful to have a read of Carlos Gonzales' book My child wont eat. (If you're an ABA member you can also watch a podcast of his on the subject).