thread: Kids party in a park

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    Jan 2011

    Kids party in a park

    Has anyone done a child's party at a local park?

    Do you need approvals? What do you have to be careful of? Did it work well?

    Any tips?

    Also, can you have a bouncy castle at a public park? (Please don't hit me if that's a dopey question lol)

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    Re: Kids party in a park

    We had our DS2's first birthday in a small local park. It was just a short morning tea, nothing fancy. No decorations or anything, just food. We did bring some folding tables and folding chairs (mainly for the older people). We didn't get council approval (I don't think we needed it!). There were probably about 30 people all up.

    One thing, this park I'd chosen (as it had a good playground, was in a sunny, but sheltered spot, near to our house) didn't have toilets. I made sure to mention that on the invite so that people could go at home before they came. I did bring a potty in case any kids needed it. It was fine, but it was a short party (only 1hr).

    Hope this helps!

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    Re: Kids party in a park

    We had Spock's 2nd bday in the local park (only one in our town). All we did was tie some balloons to the gate for the out of town people to find us. Didn't get approval, had no dramas. Only thing is I was aware as it was a public place anyone could really come and go, and I was hoping extremely hard no one else planned on doing anything in the park that day, but we were lucky =)
    I thi for a jumping castle you would need permission... Dh and I got married in a public place and had to get permission. Wouldn't be too hard ot just check your councils website for their requirements

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    Re: Kids party in a park

    Yep, check your council.

    Some have lots of restrictions and rules, and you have to book and pay and sign stuff and get insurance and whatever.

    Other councils seem to be much more relaxed.

    An acquaintance was going to have a party at a local park until she read what she had to agree to, and the list of things she couldn't do (couldn't make any holes in the ground (so couldn't use a mini marquee etc), consequences if there was any litter, etc.

    I'm not sure if she had to get approval based on how many people they were expecting though ... ? Because surely if it was a small gathering you couldn't need to book (eg: if you were having playgroup there, you wouldn't book!).

    Just contact the council, and find out.

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    Mar 2013

    Re: Kids party in a park

    I had my sons birthday party in a park with jumping castle. I did need permit which cost around $35-40 and had to hire generator for the jumping castle as there was no power. Also had the problem of random kids pushing the party kids off the castle and I was to be responsible for all damage

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    Re: Kids party in a park

    Back2insanity just thought I should clarify my "like" was for your information not for what happened! Lol

    That's what I was worried about.