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thread: Babies Born September 2006 #4

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    Babies Born September 2006 #4

    This thread is for parents who's baby was born in September 2006.

    If there are any details you would like changed or added to this list could you please email :-

    Astrolady - [email protected]

    or of the following Moderating/Admin team for this forum:-

    Christy - [email protected]
    Lea13 - [email protected]
    Sherie - [email protected]

    Please Note Your name will be removed if you have not posted in this thread for over 2 months

    September '06

    Forum Name:
    Baby's DOB:
    Baby's Stats: Weight - Length - Head Circ -
    Gender of Baby:
    Baby's Name:
    Baby's Website:
    Health Concerns:

    Forum Name: Rikki
    State: WA
    Baby's DOB: 1 Sept 2006
    Baby's Stats: Weight -3.3 kilos 7 lb 6 / Length -51cm
    Gender of Baby: Girl
    Baby's Name: Ainsleigh Ann
    Baby's Website: http://www.babysites.com/sites/babypassi/
    Health Concerns: Gestational Diabetes so had to have an elective caesarean at 38 1/2 weeks.

    Forum Name: Maz
    State: VIC
    Baby's DOB: 2 Sept 2006
    Baby's Stats: Weight 7 lb 1 / Length -56cm
    Gender of Baby: Girl
    Baby's Name: Vyolett Rosemarie Elizabeth
    Health Concerns: Was booked in for an elective c/s on the 5th as prior two pg's had been emergency and pre booked c/s.
    Early labour stopped on the 24th of August and labour began on 2nd September ending with emergency c/s again.
    Had GD and extremely bad M/S to the point that I lost 20kg for the pg.

    Forum Name: Little Princess (Anna)
    State: NSW
    Baby's DOB: 16 Sept 06
    Baby's Stats: Weight -4.270 kilos or 9 lb 6oz Length -54.5cm Head Circ -37cm
    Gender of Baby: MALE
    Baby's Name: Alexander Ryan
    Baby's Website: Working on it!
    Health Concerns: None
    Notes: Breastfeeding


    Forum Name: Magic (Sheree)
    State: WA
    Baby's DOB: 21 Sept 06
    Baby's Stats: Weight 3.3kg - Length 51cm - Head Circ - 31cm
    Gender of Baby: Boy
    Baby's Name: Mitchell James
    Baby's Website:
    Health Concerns: None
    Notes: IVF veteran, DS is a natural miracle

    Forum Name: Chrissy
    State: NSW
    Baby's DOB: 21 sept 06,2.24pm
    Baby Stats: 8lb 9oz, 52cm
    Gender of Baby: Girl
    Baby's Name: Caitlyn Anne
    Baby Website:
    Health Concerns:
    Notes: Induced at 38 week, due to mum in agony with her pregnancy, and fast previous deliverys, 5 hour labour, was told the day before i only i have a small baby in there, was i bit shocked by her weight!
    __________________________________________________ _

    Forum Name: aboll
    State: SA
    Baby's DOB: 24 Sept 06
    Baby's Stats: Weight 3.3kg - Length 51cm - Head Circ - 35cm
    Gender of Baby: Boy
    Baby's Name: Riley
    Baby's Website:
    Health Concerns: None
    Notes: My pregnancy was induced at 40.4 weeks and 4hrs and 44min later riley was welcomed into the world! So far Riley is an angel he doesnt cry very much and is sleepy really well.
    __________________________________________________ _______________________

    Forum Name: AnnaT
    Baby's DOB: 26th Sept
    Baby's Stats: Weight - 6lb 8oz Length - 48cm Head Circ - 35cm
    Gender of Baby: Boy
    Baby's Name: Jett Ryan Andrew
    Baby's Website: http://www.babycrowd.com/jr/online/annalou/welcome.html
    Health Concerns: None
    Notes: Labour induced with syntocin/ARM due to high bp, 3 hours long, no drugs or tearing.
    __________________________________________________ _____________

    Forum Name: Nelle
    State: Vic
    Baby's DOB: September 27th
    Baby's Stats: weight 9lb 4oz, length 52cm
    Gender of Baby: boy
    Baby's Name: River Jude
    Baby's Website: check my profile, if I ever get around to it.
    Health Concerns: often in danger of being thrown out a window...may be addicted to fists.
    Notes: 11hr labour on due date, drug free waterbirth, had 2nd degree tears and during the stitches had gas...which made me feel like I was in a Chemical Brothers song...so cool.
    __________________________________________________ _____________

    Forum Name: Merrie
    State: VIC
    Baby's DOB: 30/09/2006
    Baby's Stats: Weight 7 pounds 9 - Length - 50 cm Head Circ - 36cm
    Gender of Baby: Girl
    Baby's Name: Harriet Elodie

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    Yay congrats to Merrie and welcome Harriet! What a fab name, so cool

    Ambz - Um he isnt actually that fantastic a latcher-on-erer lol We still have issue with him being too lazy to actually suck properly but slowly we are getting quicker and better at it! I just hold him with my left arm and resting on a pillow on my lap. Its pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

    I have a ? about PP bleeding. When is it supposed to stop? I havent had any bleeding since yesterday morning, 1wk PP, is that normal?????

    Oh and Ive updated our webpage with new piccies of Jett and two of moi, post baby belly pics lol If your game take a squiz, cant believe I actually took them.

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    Catch up with your old thread HERE

    *snap* Anna, you're too quick for me LOL

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    lol Sorry Sherie but when bub is quiet you have to take advantage and be quick about doing things

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    Hurrah for Merrie in September!! Harriet, how cute!!

    AnnaT, awesome that the b/fing is going well! River got weighed again today, and he's gained something like 130g in 3 days..the nurse was like 'um that's amazing' and I was like 'he's on the boob all the time, I'm not amazed at all' Totally with you Anna - *oink*.

    Can you believe we're all alive girls? Praying we all have a good night tonight with our bubbas I have to go because I'm trying to sleep early (ie, not fart around on the net all night) so Rans can sleep all night unless I'm super stuffed or frustrated.
    Love you all xo

    ETA: Oh and AnnaT, it's been a week for me and I'm still bleeding but not heaps. But I was still losing placenta (apparently mine was big, just like Riv!) for a day or so afterwards, so perhaps I would have finished if it hadn't been for that? Dunno..

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    well I did it, Heath & I went to the movies tonight and left Nina with my Mum ... and she was an angel. She's sound asleep now so hopefully she'll sleep through again.
    AnnaT - I stopped bleeding after 2 weeks

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    Oh sh*t... I guess I really should go see the doc... I'm still spotting! I had a thought that maybe I shoulda stopped bleeding by now.

    Jodi_lee ... Congrats on being so brave! I still haven't left baby with anyone other than hubby (and that was only for a few hours). Did you enjoy the movies? Or spend the whole time thinking about Nina?

    Nelle... Wooot! On that great weight gain, sounds like Alexander has a bit of competition on the piggest piggy stakes. LOL. So does River make little grunting noises whilst feeding too?

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    hey girls,

    it 2.05am here and im feeding riley again its all he ever wants lol is his bottle. now u have akira up on my lap lol both on them on me asleep i might have to ring simons phone so i dont wake them.

    Yay congrats to Merrie and welcome Harriet! thats everyone now.

    belle- thats great u r feeling better. akira and riley are doing ok for now.

    skorpy- i took akira to the drs yesterday and they gave her tablets. they said it wil work quicker that the liquid.

    well im off to bed but first have to ring simon for help.


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    Hey Adele Snap, I was feeding Julia at 2am and now she doesnt want to sleep and is crying and I have no idea what to do... aughhh

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    wow, riley was doing that the other night. has she stopped now ?? i would offer her your breast again maybe she is still hungry. or has wind. sorry i cant think at this time of morning im in poilt mood lol.

    it took my half an hour to get simon to wake lol.

    well its 5am and riley has almost finished his bottle then it back to bed for him and me yay.

    gotta burp him



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    Nelle - that's great that River is gaining lots of weight. What does he weigh now? I'm interested to know what Nina weighs, I might go down today and weigh her.
    Anna** - I spent the whole thinking of Nina and checking my watch to make sure it wasn't too late. When we got out of the movies I asked Heath to check the phone for any missed calls and he tells me he left it in the car. I then went into panic mode about 'what if this' and 'what if that'. I was so glad so see her.
    It was good to get out with just Heath and, but I almost cried when I had to leave her though.
    Heath has chucked a sicky to spend the day with me so that's all for me until later. Have a good day girls

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    Sep 2005

    Hello everyone Im from the Oct belly buddies but i was luckey enough to have my bubs on the 29th september so it looks like ill be joining you ladies!!

    I was just wondering if anyone knows if you can add freshly expressed Breast Milk to Breast milk that has been in the fridge overnight??

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    I was just wondering if anyone knows if you can add freshly expressed Breast Milk to Breast milk that has been in the fridge overnight??
    I have been told that this is ok... but maybe check with the ABA? WELCOME TO SEPTEMBER MUMMIES!
    Last edited by Anna**; October 5th, 2006 at 10:15 AM.

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    Jan 2006

    yay merrie! love the name harriet. well we are all here now. welcome also to mummy and anyone else i may have missed. anna**, i too was spotting up until this week. i know you were two weeks before me, but i think everyone is different. might be best to call your dr just to make sure tho.

    we are off down south this morning... ainsleigh was a maggot last night! from about 3pm till 9pm all she wants to do is feed and be held, but then she slept till 5.30am and is back asleep now. i am waiting to get in the car and drive, but don't want to wake her up! i also left ainsleigh with a babysitter yesterday jodi... i think it is something i will have to get used to with DH working on the mines. it was during witching hour too, so luckily there were plenty of hands to give her cuddles!

    better go and finish packing the car... think of me driving four hours by myself ... please send sleeping vibes to my munchkin!

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    Yes mine was a little turd too! Fed at 3am and wouldnt settle till 445am. Then she woke at 7am and had another feed and now wont settle again! The joys of it all(LOL)

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    Hi All

    Alexander has been snaking all night! I think he must be having his 2 week growth spurt! He is so much more alert these days, his beautiful blue eyes are always sussing out whats happening around him!

    I had him weighted this morning and his stats are :-
    Brith weight : 4.27 kilos
    Bare weight on discharge : 3.920
    Todays weight with clothes on : 4.30!
    So in 2 weeks by hansome man has put on 380grams! Even allowing for his clothes i am happy.. The boobie juice must be good!

    Rikki - drive safely - i hope that your princess is settled for the drive!

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    Hope the wedding goes well for you Rikki!

    I'll get back to you Jodi about what River weighs, can't be bothered getting up at the moment!

    He is so annoying when he feeds then I change him then feed him to settle him then he poos again! So then I have to feed him to settle him and sometimes he poos again!! Aaaaaaarrgh!! Cheeky.

    So did that from around 12-2, then slept, then fed around 6, then slept then he woke at 8ish with a dirty nappy. Was hoping for a bit more sleep than that, so it's a good thing I disciplined myself and got to bed early last night!

    So, to you girls who express...tell me about it! I am fairly average at hand expressing..
    I express for comfort in the shower in the mornings, but am I missing out on a whole new world of convenience or something? What do you guys express for? And what do you use? I feel dumb for not knowing, but I am curious

    Anna, Riv makes all sorts of noises when feeding! I think the squeaks are the most common feeding noise though...said to Rans last night, it sounds like I have creaky nipples!

    Well, sounds like lots of us had interesting nights last night, hopefully the bubbas will be good tonight! I have noticed that the whole crying thing isn't so painful now that my nipples are toughening up, I am more happy to feed him, less likely to put it off. And he burps fairly easy too, though I'd definitely say he farts more air than he burps! Pity about the whole compulsion to poo thing though.

    Oh, and I gave him nappy rash by drinking too much orange juice apparently too much citric acid. I'm using the Gaia soothing lotion on it...anyone else use this? It seems to be sort of working, but hard to tell, since he is pooing so much, it hasn't really had a chance to work on clean skin!

    Well, hmm. Not sure what I'll do now..maybe just chill on the bed with the lappy and surf the net or something. Take care girls! xo

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    Hi girls,
    Last night was Ashleigh's first night of misbehaving. I was up at 2am with all you girls. Usually she has her unsettled periods in the day but last night she had her 2am feed and was wide awake and being 2 and half weeks old does not understand the concept that 2am is not playtime! She finally settled by 3:30 but then was awake again at 5 for a feed, settled just after 6 and wanted another feed at 7! So I only managed a few cat naps in there. Shw is quite tired this morn and had trouble settling for a nap this morn. I'm trying to avoid comfort feed as much as I can cause my boobs just get too sore but I have to give in when she does that little mouth thing looking for booby.

    Nelle- I've been wondering bout expressing too. i want to start so Df can give some feeds thru the bottles but I want to know when the best time to express is. I don't want to take all the milk and leave none for Ash.

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