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thread: Babies Born September 2006 #18

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    Babies Born September 2006 #18

    This thread is for parents who's baby was born in September 2006.

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    There are many issues that you will encounter as a new parent. We have put together this list of useful articles and threads in order to assist you with some common questions or issues you may have, and to provide you with bit of extra support that we all need as new parents:

    Feeding Support:

    Breastfeeding General Chatter
    Breastfeeding FAQ's
    Is My Baby Hungry?
    Bottlefeeding FAQ's and Useful Information
    Is Feeding Your Baby Taking Too Much Time?
    Bottlefeeding General Chatter
    Feeding Your Baby
    Lactose Intolerance
    Starting Solids/Homemade Baby Food
    Starting Solids - When Is My Baby Ready?
    Starting Solids General Chatter

    Please contact the Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) or a Lactation Consultant if you are concerned that you may have breastfeeding and/or supply problems, and before the introduction of solids.

    Sleeping Support:

    Comforted Sleeping & Sleep Issues Forum
    Comforting Tools to Aid Restful Sleep
    Babies & Sleep
    Controlled Crying/Comforting/Sleep Training
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    The Crying Game
    15 Ways To Help Your Baby Sleep

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    Baby Massage
    Cuddle Me Mum
    Infant-led Feeding & Weaning
    Baby Wearing
    Recommended Reading List

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    General Baby & Toddler Forum
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    Gentle Parenting Forum

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    your old thread can be found here


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    Dec 2005
    Melbourne, Vic


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    Dec 2005

    Anna - I do the same thing with Nina when she's unsettled. Her tooth is very close to breaking through now.
    Nina's only just woken up, so that was 17 hour sleep with 3 feeds!!! I must be wearing her out during the day cause she's been doing this most nights.

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    Dec 2005
    Melbourne, Vic

    4am sounds like thw ake up time for these babies of ours.
    Ash is finally down for her nap.

    Sharleen- I hope they are going to give you a discount on the bike if its off the floor, can't believe they tried to con you.

    Hot day today so i think I'll just be staying indoors.

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    Dec 2004
    Laa Laa Land

    Hi ladies...

    Wow I thought I was keeping up nicely, but I just had to read heaps!!! Forgive me if I forget people, but I will try to get all personals done!

    Rach - OMG... Can I come to your house for Christmas!!! We are just having toasted sandwiches for brekky, and the full on roast and vegies for lunch oh and the full on dessert... pav, lemon merang, apple pie, pudding!!! and it'll be left overs for dinner!!! It's my folks and DH's folks bro and granny!

    LilP - Sorry to hear about your DH... but YAY at the drought... we only lasted 4 weeks after kiara's birth!!! TMI I know, but our sex life hasn't been this good since first m/c!!

    Nelle - You poor thing... I wish my DH was like that sometimes!!! LOL... I always intice him to do things around the house for a bit of nookie!!! works great, you should see how good my garden is looking!

    MelR - I can't wait for next year when Kiara has more idea of what is going on... and plays with all the wrapping apaper and boxes tather than her toys!

    Caddie - Congrats on weight loss... I was meant to go to WW last night, but didn't feel like it, I have been really bad this week, and couldn't face the scales... I will be back on track now though (tells herslef this every day!). Good to know about prawns too... am getting a prawn ring for xmas day!

    Maz - YAY at girls night... sounds good to me... have a blast... And bummer about SIL... how rude! I have a MIL like that!!! what is it with inlaws???

    Jodi - How good in Nina... whatta sleep! She will be well rested for her needles... You'll be fine (as will Nina!)

    Adele - OMG, you poor thing... How's your back feeling now? Lucky Dh could stay home... you take it easy... Glad everyone is getting better there in time for xmas.

    Anna - That is one thing I am glad about bottle feeding... no sore boobies anymore!!! LOL, I still feel crap about it sometimes though... just have to remind myself that I can try again next time! Sounds like a tooth could be coming... how exciting!

    Shell - I just love that pic of Ash in your ticker... it's just beautiful! Bummer she's not sleeping to well... hopefully she will start soon for you!

    Sharleen - How rude, I would so have yelled at them, and made them give me a brand new one, even if they had to give me a more expensive one, for the same price... I hope it works out and there is no scratches on it...

    Sorry if I missed anyone...

    We are going to our final Mother group toady, we have KK and doing a Christmas photo too... (must remember to take the Christmas hat!).

    I can't believe they reckon it's going to snow on Christmas Day up in the mountains... we were going to eat out under our pergola, but it might be an inside job! Bummer, we just got the back yard looking great again...

    ooooo Gotta run, my princess is just waking up... she should resettle again... fingers crossed....

    Merry Christmas to all (just in case I forget....) Running off now

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    Nov 2005

    Mel - SNOW!?!?! OMG... isn't that really late in the year? Have fun at your mothers group today, let us know what you got at the KK.

    Shell - Did Ash stay asleep for her nap?

    Jodi - That is a marathon sleep... wish Xander would feed that often! He is still a 2hourly-ish bub, but at least he sleeps through pretty much most nights. What time are you off to get jabs done?

    LilP - How is your DH feeling today?

    Sharleen - Is there another store you could get a new one from?

    Well, better go change my little man's top, he has drooled all over his bib and it has soaked through. We are going through about 4-5 top changes a day at the moment.

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    Dec 2005

    just typed a post and it doesn't seem to be here

    anna - Nina's needles are at 12.30 :eek: She's still a 2 hourly feeder during the day too. I've started introducing some solids with her, so far rice cereal is ok to her and she's not too keen on apple, but I'll persist with it for a few more days.

    mel - I can't believe it's going to snow down there! We normally get temperatures in the high 30's with extreme humidity (80/90%) thank gawd for pools and a/c here

    sharleen - I can't believe they lost the bike. I hope the one you're getting today isn't scratched either. Good luck with it.

    shell - with the 4am waking thing, Nina does this EVERY SINGLE MORNING! For no apparent reason, she'll wake at around 4 / 4.30, be unsettled for a little while, then go back to sleep. I use to go into her and re-settle her, now I just sort of ignore her. She's just having a whinge so I don't go in, if she starts crying then I go into her. I don't know what the deal is with waking at that time each morning. These babies are a mystery aren't they

    nelle - good on River for sleeping 14 hours, I hope you got some rest in too.

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    Dec 2005
    Melbourne, Vic

    Jodi- The annoying thing was that i'd just fed her at 2! So awake at 4 was a big pain in my backside. Oh well they make up for it with all there little smiles and babbles.

    Anna**- Yes thank god she is still asleep! Touch wood, nearly been 2 hours! I don't know what to do with myself, I've just been laying around and now I'm thinking I shouldve done dishes and washing and had a shower, still in my PJ's.

    Mel- Thanks, i love the pic too, one of my faves! I wish I was up in the mountains to get some snow, how cool would that be to get a sort of white xmas in the australian summertime!

    I can hear my little one stirring now, what a good girl, thought she'd wake soon cause i get that let down feeling sometimes just before she awakens.

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    Dec 2005

    shell, last night Nina fed at 3 and woke up at 4.30. It sucks when she does this cause I've just gotten back to sleep and then I'm woken again. Did she go back to sleep or stay awake? (You've probably already said but I may have missed that post lol)

    shell & anna - I love those pics! We certainly breed good looking babies in here don't we!

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    Jan 2006

    hi ladies!

    another hot one today!!

    im stuck at home as the rex has a blown tyre and its gonna cost over $600 to replace them all so i said we can wait till after xmas. grrr i shoulda thought before i spoke

    now im stuck inside lol while hubby has gone to the beach with his mate.

    my sis in law is gonna come take me shopping tomorrow so thats ok

    savanna had her chn appointment yesterday. she is now 5.1kg yayyy finally hit the 5kg mark!!! and she is 58.5cm long
    she is doing fantastic!!! and very advanced behaviour too

    speaking of sex drive.. hubby tries his luck every single day!! haha as iffffff he is gonna be that lucky~ lol
    be happy with what you get is what i think! haha

    what is this weigh in thing people are speaking about? can i join too?? might give me some motivation to lose weight as i seem to be stuck at the moment. I used to be about 55kg and now im stuck at about 65kg. im so determined to get back to my original size but i just seem to have no motivation
    cheeky hubby stated that if we had sex everyday i could get back to my original size in no time hahahah

    yes he would say that wouldnt he!

    on another note my mothers group starts in Feb so im really looking forward to that as i didnt go to the first one.

    better go find something to do
    have a lovely day sexy mummies

    luv ambz


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    Nov 2005

    You've got a rex! Oh wow.. I love those cars... what year? Bugger about the blown tyre - do you have a spare you could put on?

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    Dec 2005

    so far so good. Nina's had her needles. She cried for about 5 minutes, I fed her and now she's rolling around on the ground talking to her duck, typical behaviour!
    anna - love that pic of Xander!

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    Dec 2005
    not with crazy people

    oma I get on here expecting to reply to post and im greeted by these gorgeous little people looking out of their mummies tickers....ah you had to make me go and do it girls...had to change my pic now too. I could just grrrrr kiss them all to death!

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    Dec 2005

    question about the new ticker guidelines, I'm trying to change my ticker photo and when I copy the code into 'edit signature' without the website link, it doesn't change ... what am I doing wrong?

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    Dec 2005

    oh, it's working now, don't worry about it!

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    Jan 2006

    anna** its a silver 2004 model wrx
    we just got it back on the road after spending $4000 on a new gear box!! and now the tyre goes and blows grrrr
    well it did kinda need new tyres anyway lol
    oh i asked hubby the same question about the spare only to be told that most new cars these days come out with a spacer tyre as the spare. you know those yellow wheel tyres. only used to drive the car to the nearest location to get it fixed. car companies really know how to make their money hey! you spend so much on a new car and then you gotta spend more just to get a spare to match the rest of the set. its so silly!

    updated my ticker!
    just took the pic after her bath.( she peed on the bed while i was taking the photos cheeky girl)
    im going to get it blown up hugeeee and put into a frame for my parents for their xmas present
    i feel so relaxed now. savanna is sleeping in her swing and ive just had a nice cool shower after chasing the dogs around to wet them with the hose hehe

    where is everyone today?

    catchas laterzzz


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    Mar 2005
    adelaide, northern end

    i feeling alot better now. i am also glad that everyone is well in time for christmas.

    and i hope all of you stay well for the new year. hopefully next year is my year. it better be or i quite lol

    well i would like to wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year if i dont get on till after christmas.


    adele and family

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