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    Default Mother's Day Lunch?

    I'm trying to find something to make to take to my mum's on Mother's Day and I've found a couple of nice things but just wondering if anyone has any ideas on what I can make. What's everyone else having? I'm sure there are a lot of roasts going to be happening but I want something different. Has to be something Jonah can eat too and nothing to do with seafood.


    ETA: And something that can be prepared in advance or something that can be mostly prepared the day before would be good too, unless it's something quick and easy.
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    So no one has any ideas? Oh well will have to use my own brain then, lol.

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    A good chicken risotto?

    I love risottos and cook/recommend them whenever I can!

    Blake find it easy to eat too so I'm sure Jonah wont have a problem and he loooooves chicken!

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    Lasagne can be prepared the day before and cooked on the day. Just put a salad or 2 together and some crusty bread and you'll have a nice informal meal.

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    The best ever fish recipe I make can be made with chicken. You could easily make the sauce up in advance then just quickly brown some breasts and put it in a roasting pan with the sauce. Serve with some Parmesan & basil Mash and you have a meal.

    I've got a headache atm so I'll post again in a minute...


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