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Thread: MTHFR and/or elevated homocysteine

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    Default MTHFR and/or elevated homocysteine

    Hi everyone,

    I just had my genetic panel today as part of my recurrent m/c workup, and while trying to explain to DH what MTHFR was, I started doing some research. I discovered that often people with MTHFR have elevated homocysteine. I won't get the results from these tests back for some time. I looked at my preliminary bloodwork results from the other tests and lo and behold, I am in the normal range, but I am right at the top! At this point I would be ecstatic if they find anything, anything at all, even a borderline something.

    So my question is does anyone else out there have this and if so what did you do, or what did the doc say?

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    I have MTHFR abnormality. I have a post about it somewhere here on BB. I will see if I can dig it up. I had to go on high does of vitamins b6, b12 and folate and in last pregnancy had to take 100mg of aspirin a day


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    Here is my thread on it


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    Thank you so much for your reply Astrolday! That is very interesting. Boy, I wish the results would come in faster! Waiting waiting waiting

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    Update: tested positive for MTHFR hetero. FS appointment on 24 July. I am just so relieved there is a cause.

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