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Thread: Stuffing haute pockets..

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    Question Stuffing haute pockets..

    Just wondering what I am doing wrong! Can anyone help?!

    I have been snapping the 2 inserts for my haute pockets together but find that the large insert is just so long. My DD is on the middle setting, and even when I stretch out the elastic, the insert still pokes out the back..Is it just me that has this problem! What have I done wrong?! I use a lot of pocket nappies so I'm not unfamilar with them..what am I doing wrong??!

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    Hi Lee,

    Your not doing anything wrong - this is the only problem with a one size nappy without a one size insert, they work fantastically on the small setting with the small insert and great with the large or both on the large setting but the medium setting is a PITA. A couple of thiings you can try
    - use just the small insert
    - use both but instead of snapping them together place them on top of eachother, folding the larger insert over a bit in the front making the length shorter
    -use a one size insert like the cottonbabies or jamtots

    HTH :-)

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