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Thread: Have you used pink kit 4 VBAC?

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    Default Have you used pink kit 4 VBAC?

    Have you used the pink kit for Vbacs? And if so, what did you think of it?
    Just wondering what it is all about and whether its something we add to the list of things to spend $ on !

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    Hey hun - I've got it and I would recommend you use the whole Pink Kit with the VBAC disc. It doesn't really tell you much more than what any great VBAC book will - especially Silent Knife and VBAC companion, but it does refer to the Pink Kit quite alot. The Pink Kit itself is fabulous and well worth the $$$. Good luck with it!

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    Im about to order the Pink Kit (from BB ), its not too late to start at 34 weeks is it? I`m hoping my DH will get alot out of it too. I realised after listening to the VBAC companion that we both need to get more focused on the task ahead.

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    Good luck hun, it can be done but you will need to sort of "cram"but it will still really help get you focused! Good luck!

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    Hahahaha thanks for the reminder, I have totally forgotten about the Pink Kit that I have borrowed that is collecting dust on my shelf :s I wish my midwives had the VBAC part of it though.

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    Default what is a pink kit?

    I have never heard of it... I am 21 weeks and keen to push for a VBAC.
    Where else can I get info & how do you find out what the percentages of successful VBAC's are for specific hospitals and/or ob's in Vic? I have stuck with previous ob as she know's my history but it didn't occur to me to think of these questions till I discovered a VBAC may be more reasonable to aim for than first thought.

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    Check out this thread:

    Warragul is a leading VBAC hospital, all the good ones are in outer areas. All the CBD ones too medicalised.

    Definitely book yourself a doula who is experienced in vbac. Studies show where an experienced doula is present there are 50% less c/s.
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    I also used the VBAC disk without the rest of the pink kit. I found ot really quite useless. I think that maybe it would have been better if I used the entire pink kit. Hope that helps!

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    I too have found the Pink Kit to be useless, dry, overly complicated & expensive.
    Instead, I have embraced Juju Sundin & Sarah Murdoch's book Birth Skills - much easier to relate to and visualise. Very practical & easy to read.

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    I ended up using the pink kit for VBAC and then purchased the pink kit afterwards.

    I found the vbac cd helpful by itself, but felt I needed the whole kits also to make better use of it.
    The Pink kit itself was helpful, DH listened and watched the disks too. I didnt get all the way through it as I got hold of it very late in my pregnancy, but tbh Im not sure I would have done it all had I got it earlier in pregnancy.
    As far as my labour went - I did really well. But what I was not prepared for was the pushing, and I think the Pink kit focuses alot on the breathing, visualising, posistions, fears etc, but I dont think it really talked about pushing - if so, I missed that bit .

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