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Thread: C section/VBAC - Wont know till 36 weeks

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    Unhappy C section/VBAC - Wont know till 36 weeks

    After looking into HBAC and VBAC I decided to go with the second option with my old OB. I really like her and feel comfortable with her. The one IM we found who could do a homebirth in September I really didn't like. She was very rude and gave me the impression that she didn't really want to help us out.

    Anyway I questioned my OB about a VBAC and went through my first experience and how difficult it was and why I didn't want another c section. She explained that last time it really was a case of DS getting stuck as he was not in the right position and was in distress. She went on to say that she saw no reason why I couldn't have a VBAC if number 2 is under 4 kg, DS was very large (10 pound) and had a huge head. She then added that an ultrasound at 36 or 37 weeks would give them a rough idea about size etc which would help determine how a VBAC might go.

    I was also able to find out through the hospital that in the month my son was born she did over 37 births of which on 3 were c sections including one planned for twins. This is around the WHO data of 5 - 10% of births being c sections so I feel that she really did have no choice in my case, right.............if so why I am I feeling like all I am doing is justifying my decision to go with her again. Deep down I feel that this will be another c section which is not what I want. But in all honesty I am scared stiff of a natural birth as well. I had 14 hours of that last time and got no where. I am really sick of changing my mind constantly. It would be great to make a decision and stick with it!

    Right now I am thinking that I won't think about it at all. I have read Birthing From Within and several other gentle birth books but today I packed them up and took them back to the library. Total denial about the whole thing feels like the best option for now. I am a coward and admit it .

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    If I were in your position I'd ditch the Ob, ditch the scan at 36/37 weeks as they aren't accurate enough anyway and birth with the midwives at a public hospital.

    Research as much as you can, read the books you took back, do a calmbirth or hypnobirth course to get your head around the fears you have of natural birth, do OFP Optimal Fetal Positioning via the Spinningbabies website to make sure your baby is in a good position for the birth, do anything you can to make sure you are fully prepared for a successful birth.

    If having a natural birth is something you are after then your best chance of success is research and prepare! Unfortunately we wymn who have had caesar's previously have to do more to prepare for a successful birth, but it really is possible!

    Maybe visit the Birthrites website and forum for more support.

    Anywy, I'm giving birth to my little girl after 2 caesar's any day now and I CANT WAIT!!!

    All the best,


    PS. Have faith in your body, it really was designed to birth!

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    I was going to suggest calmbirth or hypnobirth as well, even if you cant do a course getting a book wold be a good idea, its all around havingthe belief in yourself and your body, and empowering you to relax, breathe and work with your body etc.
    Your OB sounds very good.

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    I have had two births - one vaginal for my first (38 hour labour) after 32 hours had an epi and a drip which meant I finally dilated - she was 7.7 pound, and then was second degree tearing
    Then my second a boy was enormous. I saw an ob who advised I go for a c-section due to his size (11 pound) and I must say the scan was fairly accurate (although it was a bit under). After they actually left a peice of placenta in me which was handy!
    I think both types of birth are very hard (why isn't there a third 'velcro' option???) but ultimately the outcome is all that matters - all you want is a healthy baby! The journey there is not what matters. If you had of had a vaginal which resulted in the death or illness of your bubba then I suggest it wouldn't matter that you had acheived a VB...People get too hung up about birth, this doesn't make you a 'better' mum
    Infant and maternal death is still enormous in many parts of the world so yes we are designed to give birth but it is not fool proof. Just focus on the outcome and don't be hard on yourself for not 'acheiving'. A C section is damn hard work
    I hope to have a VBAC but if I grow another baby over 10 pounds i would never risk it (I am normally 55kg fairly narrow hipped)
    Good luck with it all and go with your gut instinct

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